2 October 2019

Mrs V


Hi. I'm extremely #happy to share the birth story of my kutti here.

The Journey started with Dr. Sivakumar's programme, where Anandhi Ragupathi Ma'am was also one of the #speaker, she was explaining how a fully confident, positive human being can be created in the #womb, I was #inspired by the speech and when I got #conceived, I took the number from Internet and joined Happy Motherhood, Porur.

I did not have much idea on diet, exercises etc to be followed during #pregnancy. The #sessions gave complete #idea on those..

I used to do #exercise for an hour in the morning, as I was working, I would not have time to do pranayam everyday in the #morning, but I ensured that I do pranayam during office hours at regular intervals..

I did all the basic #exercises taught in HM every day. I took cab to office from Main road, I used to walk till main road, which is atleast 2 kms, and in the evening I used to get down in the main road and walk home.

I'm not very much an artistic person, so my #creative work was minimum only.. I used to colour many pictures..

I have sung and recorded bharathiyaar's oli padaitha kanninaai for my kutti, and used to sing and listen to it, during my 15 mins of massaging time. Listened to normal delivery visualisation before sleep and I used to tell stories to my kutti, and I'm quite a bookie, read works of Swami #Vivekananda and books of that sort during my pregnancy.

One good thing that I did was, during every check up I kept my #doctor informed about the exercises and activities that I do. My pregnancy was quite smooth except one or two hicupps and Teena was of great support in giving clarity in those times (becos there are so much of myth around pregnancy and that scares us, to have clarity is the only solution I guess, once we are clear, we understand there was no problem at the 1st place).

My EDD was August 8th, By the beginning of July month the Amniotic fluid levels have started coming down, and my doctor scared me a bit, but I was #confident that nothing otherwise would happen. I spoke with Teena, she asked me to visualise that the AF increases, I did, it had increased by a count in the next check up, but my doctor said this is not enough and she asked me to get admitted as I was completing 37 weeks during that check up..

But I bought time, said that I would increase AF more and come next week. Doctor allowed me with warning.. On July 28th, I felt the movements were little less, and on July 29th I went for check up.. My AF went below 7.. I was admitted, My doctor said for all the efforts you have taken, ill try for Normal delivery monitoring the foetal #heart rate, if the rate goes down I would do C section.. I was confident that me and my kutti will pull this,

My labour was induced at 11am, it went to peak by 7pm, and my Simba Kutti roared at 10.13pm by God's grace. It was a Normal Delivery 😊At the labour table, with all the nurses and junior doctors around, my doctor told them the exercises and activities that I did, and she had said, it paid off. And I dedicate those words to Happy Motherhood. Whenever I do exercises my Amma get scared and asked me not to strain, but I went ahead and did because of the #confidence given by HM, especially Teena😊, My great pillar of support during my pregnancy. Her friendly #sisterly support helped me get through tough phases confidently😊🙏🏼

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