4 October 2019

Mrs V


Hi everyone! Here's my birth story.
My EDD was on August 7th. My doc suggested HM as I was gaining a lot of weight. I joined #happy #Motherhood in my 6th month.
I was very curious and eager to know all about what my #baby was doing that particular week, what I could do to keep healthy. So was always looking for new information. I was doing everything but not in a organized manner.
HM helped me get organized and I could see the results within the first week itself. My weight gain stabilized. My #husband was even more interested and involved after attending the classes when was a huge #happiness booster.☺

On july 27th I had my regular check up and 38th week scan. My AFI level was 9cm. Doc said fluid level is low, just take a CTG if everything is fine I can go #home. CTG was fine, but duty doc said I was having mild #contractions, so monitor #fetal movements and come for another CTG on Monday. So i came home. On July 29th morning I had a bloody show, me and my #mom went to doc just to make sure everything was fine.

They kept me in observation, #cervix was 1cm dilated and I was having no pain. I was there till 4pm. They sent us home, since there was no progress.

Around 7.30pm in the evening, I started to get mild pain. My mom told, we'll go to hospital once pain progresses. I managed till 10.30 pm, then me, my husband and my mom took cab to hospital. My cervix was still 1cm dilated only, but I was getting pain continously. I managed by doing breathing #exercises.

On July 30th, around 9 am there was still no progress. So they applied gel to move things along. Pain started to increase all of a sudden and I couldn't bear it. That moment I realized my pain tolerance was very low, as I couldn't even bear early #labour pain. I resolved to take #epidural.
Doc said they'll give epidural after 4cm #dilation only. My short term goal was to dilate to that 4cm, to get that epidural. Contractions were steady, but not strong enough. There was very slow progress. I dilated to 4cm on July 31st 10am. They gave epidural at 11.30.

Followed by drip to induce. By 1 pm I was 8 cm. I was taken to labor room. Luckily epidural was only 50% effective, so I could feel the urge to push. Doc had to break my fluid sac, and found that it was stained with meconium. They told me I have to push soon as baby could not be there for long with stained fluid. Baby's heart rate also was going down.

My husband and the nurses #encouraged me to push, their constant #encouragement and the advice at HM to take a deep breath and push helped me and I delivered my baby boy at 2.27 pm.
His wail instantly made everything worth it.

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