24 November 2019

Mrs NL


To the dear sisters of HM family. I am so glad to share my birth story.

First of all.... Wanted to thank whole heartedly Anathi mam.. Anitha mam... Priya ka. And all other trainers of HM for the most wonderful days in my life..and for my little one too.
And the lovely sister's I have got in elite group..for their consistent appreciations of the works I do and the care they give.

Journey with HM:
Inspired by anathi mam's vedios and birth stories of HM have joined and
First session of HM itself is a memorable thing for me as it was on my anniversary.
One thing I regret each day is i have joined HM only at my 7th month. So to the moms to be.. i wish everyone joins HM at 3rd month itself.

The sessions were awesome..And doing the activities made my days wonderful and kept me occupied and these helped a lot to be active.

Could not express the gratitude i have to anitha and ananthi mam .. for the efforts they put to give tasks in elite group. These tasks made each day interesting.It provoked the hidden talents of each one in the group. Trying things which i have never did before. And appreciations we get from each sisters,anitha and ananthi mam had made my days colorful. Each day have felt so blessed to be part of HM.

I was able to keep my GDM in control only with the help of diet plan of HM and extra care from ananthi mam . She had always been a great support clearing all the small and silly doubts . Thank you so much for it mam.
Need to mention priya ka and anitha mam for their consistent care and support whenever required. So blessed to have you in my most important days of life.


My Edd was on sep 23..Which is my nephew's birthday too so I wished my little one to come on same day.
So..Was doing all exercises hoping to get pain soon.had check up on sep 19 . And to my shock water level had reduced suddenly . Due to GDM nd reduced water level didn't go for the option of inducing pain and went for c sec. Which was a very hard thing to come over..As i have never thought even once during preg.
But so happy to hold my little one safe and healthy. . And to see how visualizations came true.
So. . On september 21 went for elective c sec and was blessed with baby boy.

1. My little ones Apgar score is 9.
2. He listens to the slogan .. songs and storys so well.
3. He never cries at bath
4. He takes feed by giving me clues only if I miss those he cries.
5. He has good latching
6. He is so active at his waking time.
Waiting for him to grow to see how rest of visualization are coming true.

Could not finish the birth story without mentioning the family of lovely sisters. I have got thru HM ..Veni... deepika.. lilly.. fathima.. and thaya.Thank you so much to all the lovely sister's.

Waiting to join the parenting class. .And continue the journey with HM

So from my experience.. just following all the activities given by HM would make both our days and our little ones wonderful without any doubt.
And once again thank you HM team for making my days so memorable.

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