27 November 2019

Mrs M


Hi everyone,
Many of you may not know me since I have joined HM at 8 month since my doctor wants me to know about labour pain and how to push baby during labour. Since it was the last trimester, I have planned to take only labour pain session, breast feeding session from Ananthi mam.Here is my experience with HM.

My first session was labour pain and that day mam asked everyone what you feel about labour pain .Many of us told that they are worrying about pain but seriously I have no idea in my mind and I said the same to mam. She told that you are clean slate, then you can take all my points and you can give birth naturally.She shared many experiences and that totally inspired me.That time onwards I have decided not to shout while I am having pain.she taught us breathing excercise in order to tackle pain.

My husband wants me to take exercise session as well,so I have personally learnt exercises from Ananthi Mam and I used to do twice a day.


On my 38th week after scanning everything was normal, so doctor told to wait for another 1 week. But I didn't get pain and only one finger got dilated, so they asked me to admit on 17th of September and the same day they induced pain. I used to do squats and walked a lot in hospital itself and on the same day it got dilated to 2 fingers. Doctor appreciated and expected delivery on next day. But I got fever and infection on next day they did not give anything and I just took rest.But I wished tomorrow I should give birth to my child.

On 19 th September, without giving gel, I got strong contractions from early morning onwards and doctor told within afternoon you will give birth to your baby. I have faced the situation very well and I didn't shout at all. I was doing breathing exercise whenever I am getting pain. My husband gave his full support and encouraged a lot.

Finally at 1:30pm, I gave birth to my little cute Angel and within half an hour I feeded my baby as I wished.

Doctors and sisters appreciated me that I have not shouted and cooperated well during my labour. Thanks to my husband and my entire family(Amma, Appa,Athai and my twin sister)support, I achieved this.

Thanks to Ananthi mam and HM team for their support. And I wish every Moms in this group to have a happy parenting life.Now me and my husband enjoying with our little princess. Hope I will join parenting session also.

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