26 January 2018

Mrs N


My edd was Jan 14.. Padmapriya mam asked to get admit on Jan 10 and asked us to come for check up on 8th Jan.. Did the internal check up. Cervix 25% effaced 2 cm open.. They asked us to come on Jan 10 if you haven't any pain.. But Jan 9 got mild pain.. We just went to hospital to check at that time 75% effaced 4 cm opened without any pain. They asked us to get admit on same day. All are appreciated since I walked briskly on the Labor ward sisters and doctors asked me to walk slowly.. 😜..

They induced pain but it doesn't work for me.. On that day.. Jan 10th morning also induced pain it doesn't work same status.. I am always told to my baby to come out once you decided nu.. At 3 pm water discharged..

Pain got intensified very badly within half an hour fully effaced and dilated.. Upto that stage I can able bear the pain.. Ananthi mam only the reason to bear the pain.

Since I have done all the exercise and walking daily 2hrs.. Within 45 Mins blessed with my cute angel.. Thanks to Padmapriya mam since no one will wait for 2 days without any symptoms and also my baby wait is more than 3.5 🙈 Thanks much Anandhi for all your help.. Thanks everyone for keep inspiring me and advised me.. Especially Teena akka..

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