26 January 2018

Mrs G


My Edd was 30 December 2017...Padmapriya doctor asked me to get admit on December 27 to try for gel and I don't have any pain till that date.As she said we went on December 27 and did internal check up .But no contraction that day also and we cancelled all the admission... she said it's useless to try gel now and get admit on January 1 2018 and she insisted me to go .

Next day I walked for 2 or 3 km and did squat and normal routine what anandi mam taught us . December 28 I got mild pain couldn't sleep and pain intensified in the morning 29 December.called up the duty doctor and told all the symptoms such as cramps in lower abdomen.She asked me to come hospital for check up and we were so lethargic that it could be false pain.she again did internal check up And told I am dilated about 2 cm and got admitted .Pain got intensified and at about 5 cm I asked epiderual .

But epiderual did reverse effect for me and my baby ..Babies heart beat increased to 180 to 200 bpm and they were planning for operation .And then within 45 minutes they removed the epiderual and baby heart beat become normal..

My pushing was good and my husband constant motivation helped me and Blessed with cute little baby girl..Motherhood group inspired me daily and reminder me what I have to do daily.thanks everyone for keep inspiring me..

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