26 January 2018

Mrs SP


I never thought I will have such a long birth story to share with you all, it started on jan 6(39.3weeks) my gynaec did an internal examination and told me that my cervix is dilated about 1 to 1.5, may get pains within week. The next day as soon as I woke I felt uneasy and mild contractions, i have contacted anandi mam and she asked me to wait. But from the afternoon, i felt contractions bit sharp and we went to hospital and they have told its 2 cms dilated.

As our house is just beside doctor have suggested us to come back with increased pains. I have started feeling 3 contractions of about 60 seconds each in 10 minutes, so went to hospital and got admitted. I had sharp pain and asked for a painkiller but it dint work, the pains were bit hard and I have opted for epidural. But then baby s heart beat fluctuated 2-3 times in between, and doctor s told they may have to go for csection if it happens again and again.

But myself and my husband are very strong and kept visualising my positive birth story and it took almost 8 hours for me to dilate from 2 cms to 10 cms. Then doctor asked me to practise pushing around 11.30 am on jan 8 th, and after serious pushing for some time, my baby boy arrived at 12.43 pm.

But something which even I could not believe is I have done serious pushing only for 20 min and breathing techniques and positive thinking did wonders.I have then realised its all in our mind,i forgot how to breathe for few moments... heart skipped beats... pure goosebumps... god s creation is unthinkable magic and delivering this baby is the best moment in my life. I thank each and eveyone in this group for keeping me inspired and helping me in innumerable ways. Aanandi Mam, I have many things running in my mind but short of words and just saying thankyou is an understatement. Associating with you in this journey made my pregnancy beautiful 😍

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