Motherhood And Infant Milestones

Bonding With New-born:


As soon as the baby comes out of the womb, mother starts to develop an intense love and attachment towards the baby. For some mothers, this bonding takes place very soon, but for some mothers it may take long time to get bonded with their baby.  When my daughter was born, milk supply was very less, and that made me very stressed at that time. I felt very detached. But my parents gave me huge support and confidence. I ate lots of healthy foods like milk rusk, fish, soups, and I continuously breastfed my baby even though the milk supply was less. After a week or so my breastfeeding got normal, and my daughter got sufficient amount of milk. So do not get frustrated if you cannot feel a strong bond with your baby at the first sight. Once you start to know about your baby, your feelings towards your baby start to deepen.

Rohini Vijay

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31st Oct, 2019

Baby’s Development

In the First Month:

Head’s up: In the First month my daughter used to be awake for the whole night. When I hold my daughter in my shoulders, she will try to lift her head, but as the neck muscles are not fully grown, she couldn’t hold it for long time, and also tried to turn her head from side to side.  

Talk with Baby:  She started to babble, fuss, and hum, sometimes she used to laugh and scream at me.  I always used to talk with my daughter face-to-face; she used to laugh at me when I talk to her. She started recognizing my face. She felt very comfortable and calms down when she was with me than when she was with my mom. 

Little music: As my daughter will be awake for long period at night, I used to play soft music with little volume. This made her calm. This also helped for her sensory development. I started singing lullabies to her often; I used to play songs for her in TV. She started listening to music very eagerly whenever it was played.

Eyes track objects: At this time my daughter started tracking a moving object. When I placed a moving toy in front of her, she started to look at the toy moving.

In the second month:


My daughter started smiling. Although I had worst nights for the first three months, her smile made my nights tireless and memorable. She tried to move beyond to touch complicated designs, shapes, and colors. When I showed her variety of objects like plastic moulds, soft dolls, colourful toys, she tried to touch those objects.

In the Third Month:


By this month, my daughter lifted her head steadily, and holded it for long time, lying on her back. She started to sit with support and hold her head steadily and erectly. When lying on her stomach, she lifted her head and chest slowly. 

Leg and hand movements: She started waving her hands and started to kick her legs.

Sleep pattern: At the end of the third month, her sleeping pattern changed. She started sleeping for long time at nights. She wakes up for an occasional feeding. After feeding she will sleep again. I’ll be sure to change her diaper at regular interval.

Face recognition: By this month, she started recognizing my face. My daughter started smiling at strangers when they talk to her. She started identifying persons who stayed always with her.

In the Fourth Month:

Eating Habit:  My daughter started eating less frequently, as I introduced little solid food at this time, and she started gaining weight. I gave her Ragi porridge, banana porridge when she was in her fourth month. But still I was Breastfeeding her. 

Efforts to roll over: She lied on her stomach, lifting her head and shoulders with her arms for support; she rolled over from back to her front and vice-versa. I will not leave my daughter alone even for a minute, as her new actions may cause danger if left unattended.  She also tried to grab an object that is placed before her. I was very careful to look after her as she started to keep the object in her mouth once she grabbed the object.


In the Fifth Month: 

By this month, she started creating new sounds like ba ba ba…. with mouth full of bubbles. She started eating more solid foods. She recognized her own name. She turns her head when someone calls her by her name. 

She started smiling at funny expressions made by me. 

In the Sixth Month:


By this month, she started to pick an object with her hands. She was amused in squishing a soft rubber ball, touching the fur dolls, hearing a bell sound inside a stuffed animal. I continued to read lots of stories to her.

In the Seventh Month: 


By this month, my daughter was able to support on her own legs. She was able to sit on her own without any support. At this stage, she transferred things from one hand to the other. When I placed a toy in front of her, she will try to take the toy, if she couldn’t get it she will cry. I encouraged her to continue her effort until she achieved it. My daughter had her first tooth at this stage.

She was very anxious when I was away from her. When she wakes at night, she will be very conscious to know whether I’m near to her. 

I used to play peek-a-boo with my kid, as she loved playing this game at this stage.

In the Eighth Month: 


By this month, she started crawling. She will hold on to any object like furniture and try to stand. She also showed signs of separation anxiety. Whenever I leave her alone, I hug her, and kiss her, and tell her that I will be back in a minute. I won’t leave my kid alone at nighttime as she may get frightened.

In the Ninth Month:  


By the end of this month, my daughter tried to walk on her own without any support to some distance.  She learned to sit after standing.

I started giving her rice foods as she has got the capability to digest rice foods. I gave her egg, dals, which are the sources of protein. This helped to gain her more weight and provide energy for her day-to-day activities.

In the Tenth Month: 


By this month, she started walking steadily, tried to crawl stairs.  I will always sing her nursery rhymes with action as she can grasp the actions and understand actions very easily.

In the Eleventh Month:  


She showed interest to look at colorful pictures, cartoons, etc., and also she used to play with toys on her own. At this stage she started imitating me, and she also followed simple instructions like “pick up the spoon”…

In the Twelfth Month:


At this stage she got the capability to understand what I say, so I used to teach her more good habits. I read more moral stories to her at bed time and I used to teach good things from that stories. She showed interest to hear stories at bedtime. This helped to draw her attention and improve concentration. Thus, my kid reached her first birthday!!!

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