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Sleep is the most needed activity for humans irrespective of their age. It has been proved in the research that a human with enough sleep time has a good sense of creativity, individuality and analytical thinking. The toddler phase is the most adorable and memorable stage in a human life. This stage forms the basement for the complete development of the human system. Toddlers need a maximum sleep time of fourteen hours in a day. Following are the factors that are to be considered for toddlers in sleeping.

Prianga Vijayaraghavan

Prianga Vijayaraghavan

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18 March, 2020

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Sleep time:
Sleep time for toddlers varies depending on the rest of the factors listed above. However, most of the paediatricians suggest having a sleep time of about twelve to fourteen hours a day. This stimulates the brain hormones leading to the healthy development of body and mind. A toddler with a good sleep time has a good focus on mental activities such as memory, concentration ability which are highly essential at this stage. To consider the sleep time every day for a toddler, the parents need to note the duration of sleep for their kids. It is advisable to practise sleep routine for toddlers in such a way that the child sleeps in the afternoon for about two to three hours and during the night for about nine to ten hours.

Activity time:
To achieve a good sleep time, the child has to spend some time in playing activities/games such that the toddlers tend to sleep early as they get tired after playing games. It can be any activity like warming up the body by just running, playing with the ball or simply playing in the garden. To implement activity time in everyday life, take your little toddler to the park and let them mingle with other friends to form a strong community. This community takes the responsibility to develop the toddler's social skills and intrapersonal skills. This also makes the toddler tired and lets the toddler sleep as early as possible.


The Food:
The food is an essential input that can be given to the children. It is responsible for providing necessary nutrients with a sense of comfort. When food is consumed by a person, the temperature of the food and the temperature of the body tries to synchronise and results in a feeling of sleep. It is better for the toddler to take rest after a meal. Sleeping after a meal helps the body to work with the digestion process and enhances the body with a lot of saved energy while sleeping.
A food that contains an adequate amount of calcium, carbohydrates and proteins helps regulating the sleep hormones secretion in the body. Also, milk and curd enhance the sleep quality.

External Factors:
There are many external factors such as cleanliness, clothing, body temperature, climate, mild music and a methodology to make the toddlers sleep also affects the sleep time of the toddlers. It is necessary to have a gentle wash with warm water before going to sleep. This ensures cleanliness and enables to sleep. The clothing that toddler wear should depend upon the external temperature. The comfortable wear makes the sleep comfortable without any disturbance while sleeping. Maintaining a balanced body temperature for the toddlers also enables good sleep.

One method that I choose to make the toddlers to sleep is by making them hear a mild music or lullaby so that the toddler enjoys the music and at the same time this method enables good sleep.

Whatever may be the methodology that a parent chooses for toddlers for making them sleep, the methodology must be followed every day such that the toddler is given with proper activities, the food at regular intervals of time with cleanliness maintained enables the toddlers to have a good sleep time. The child chooses to sleep at the same time every day if the routine activities are followed.

My way of making my toddler have a good sleep time is by making her spend her energy in the park or by making her have a little walk which is followed by a gentle cleansing of her body with warm water. Her dinner completes with a glass of milk after a short meal. This completes the stomach and makes her feel sleepy as early as possible. However, it is necessary to rest for a few minutes before going to bed. Even if the child resists to sleep after that, a good bed-time story enables good sleep.

Every toddler is unique in their own way. Some likes to hear good music, while others like to hear a story, some likes riddles. The parents can observe their activities and their likes and dislikes to choose a method for making them sleep. However, the time for sleep for the toddlers should be adequate to make them strong physically and mentally. There is a need for the favourable environment inside and outside the home as well. This helps the toddlers achieve a good sleep time and a good focus on their future endeavours.

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