Calming A Newborn

“The first cry of your baby is the most soothing musical song to the ears of a mother! Isn’t it? The striking labour pains seems to disappear in a jiffy as soon as the 'First Cry' of the new-born reaches to the ears of the mother.

But just as soothing it seems to be, it can also be troublesome for the baby hence new ways and techniques are always looked out for in order to calm the crying and uncomfortable baby.”

Neha Sawkar Vaze

​Published on

20 May, 2019

Few of the tips and tricks to calm the new-born have been mentioned below:


1.Rock -A Bye Baby

Swinging, Swaddling and Rocking the baby in a particular fashion, to a particular rhythm has been the practice followed for years. Traditionally, dupattas or any other cloth served as baby carriers wherein the baby remained closely connected to the mothers’ heart, and hence remained calm without much of a fuss!


2. Breastfeeding...!

This is the most valuable gift that a mother can give her baby, that will help for a lifetime. An unbreakable bond that develops between them both and breastfeeding undoubtedly accentuates this beautiful relationship!

Crying, may it be in the day time, or midnight can be instantly curbed by breastfeeding without any much trouble to the mother or the baby.


3.Sing -A Song!

Mother's Voice is the first Sound that catches the baby’s ears, right from the time she is inside the womb, and hence nothing is sweeter for her...

A few lines or a full song, nursery rhymes, lullaby’s or maybe just a humming tune, works wonders to the baby specially if needed to make her sleep.


4.Lets Go for A Drive!!

This is indeed something very close to Magic!!! The vibrations of the moving car definitely makes the baby forget that she was in a bad mood!!! This includes a package deal which states a quick way to calming a cranky baby, followed by peaceful sleep inducement within a fraction of minutes! sometimes little inconvenient for the parents, but definitely worth all of it!!


5. Oh Baby! Lets Massage!

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a lovely massage!? We all do, don’t we? and so do our miniature versions...

A dollop of oil, or a baby cream on the tip of the fingers to move them all over the cute little bodies, indeed works great in calming down their senses and brightening up their mood from a cranky one to a fun filled one!

6. Dim the Lights Please!!

Yes! you heard it right! Sometimes even the bright yellow or white light gets to the nerves of the little ones to make them irritated and hence forces them to lose their calm!

Hence, what is needed is jus a simple dim of lights, or maybe opening up of the curtains to let the natural sunlight peep inside.... This indeed helps a lot...


7. Lets Have a Mushy Talk!!

Let the babbles begin!! The baby needs all your time, and hence spending time talking to the baby indeed helps a lot in calming down a baby. Sometimes or rather all the times talking sense is not at all necessary when your with you little one. You can be crazy, you can talk nonsense you can speak your heart out!! The child will love it, and have a ball of a time, and the best part is, You will have a gala time too. Do Try This Out


8. Dance -Baby -Dance!!!

I’m sure most of us feel the urge to tap our feet to the ground as soon as some great music is being played in the background. It comes out naturally. Few of us may not like to dance, but definitely we will love to watch others burn the dancefloor! Similarly our little ones, cosily harboured into the pram or baby-bed can get calmed and also happy watching you do even a few simple steps for them.( irrespective if it is behind locked doors)


9.Switch on the fan ...Will You?

The moving fans are usually the first friends of a cooing baby! Nobody usually knows the language or the interaction that they both have with each other but when a baby cries and doesn’t want to stop, just a simple turning on of a switch to get the fan moving works wonders to calm a cranky baby within seconds.


10. A helping finger!

In this case, the most important thing that a mother needs to keep in mind is cleanliness...

A well washed and neatly wiped finger usually helps in calming and composing a cranky baby as soon as it starts sucking it and probably even further leads it to gradually enjoy a peaceful sleep cycle.

It plays a role better than that of a pacifier and doesn’t even lead to the baby getting used to it for long.


Above mentioned are few of the many tips and techniques that has helped me and usually help a lot of the new mothers when it comes to pacifying and calming their new-born. We all need to keep in mind one important thing that our little one cannot speak or express their discomfort at this age, hence it is the duty of the parents to  understand, try to get into their socks, do a little bit of trial and error but finally pamper , soothe and provide the baby with all the possible comfort and happiness ❤

About Neha Sawkar Vaze


This is Neha,​
A Pharmacist by profession, A Writer by passion And A Mother,(to a toddler) purely By Choice!
God cannot be present with all, so he created a Mother, and I am really gratefull that I could be a part of this beautiful journey called MOTHERHOOD..
Come, let’s all all drive through my experiences & stories.....!
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