Co-Sleeping With Baby

The love shared by a mother and baby is unique and can only be felt by the two of them and none other. It starts at the time the mother feels her baby inside her womb. Also, the first touch of the baby when the baby is born, feeding the baby and even co sleeping.

Priyanka Rai

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12 January, 2020

Co sleeping means sharing your bed with your baby. Yes, I feel that a mother's and child's bond increases with co sleeping. It's a unique way in which the child can feel the intimacy with mother and can form a bond which lasts for a lifetime. I co slept with my daughter till she was almost two and half years old. She took some time to settle in her own space after that but now she's fully comfortable in her own sleeping bed. There are two sides of any coin as there are lots of arguments against and for co sleeping but I feel there are more benefits than risks of co sleeping with your baby.

       The general perception why people want to discourage co sleeping is,

- they feel it's dangerous as babies sleeping in duvet with their parents are at the risk of overheating.

- another risk pointed out is that parents can roll over and suffocate the babies.

- it's also a perception that co sleeping babies become too attached to parents and it's an emotional trauma for them when left alone.

- sometimes the argument against co sleeping is that it doesn't give any Me time to mothers and also mothers don't get time to spend with their partners.

        While there are many risks of co sleeping with your baby there are a number of benefits too.

- one of the very first being the bond you share with your baby improves drastically with co sleeping.

-co sleeping is more convenient for mothers as frequent feeding of infants and juggling between the kid’s beds and theirs is causes lots of inconvenience.

- the baby has more peaceful sleep assured of the fact that parents are sleeping nearby.

- researches have pointed out the emotional benefits of co sleeping for babies. Kids who have co slept grow up to be happier and healthier as compared to kids who slept alone.

- it also somehow helps them deal with SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) as the baby learns to synchronise their breathing with that of mothers which acts as a pacemaker for infants.

But before starting co sleeping with the baby it must be discussed with your partner. Only if he is in agreement to it can co sleeping be carried out well as it causes inconvenience to the fathers with a baby crying at night disturbing sleep after the day’s work. But it should also be kept in mind that the baby is responsibility of both mother and father and a little support from the partners is all that the mothers need after they are tired of looking after an infant all the time.

     -  For co sleeping parents have to be sure that they are not drinking or on any medications that makes them drowsy.

    - Parents should also never smoke in the bed room when co sleeping with the baby.


      With all the pros and cons of it I had decided upon co sleeping with my daughter right after she was born. I had discussed it with my husband before hand and much to my relief he too was in agreement to it which really boosted my morale in co sleeping as your partner's co operation is very essential in co sleeping with your baby.

     Yes, it was inconvenient at times with an infant sleeping alongside of you and I had to be careful but it also saved me the trouble of shifting her to her own bed after each feed which is at frequent intervals for an infant. However, I had got her a separate bed on my bed with her own mosquito net to be protected while sleeping.

     Trust me even after I woke up tired after the disturbed sleep at night a look at my daughter's face sleeping peacefully next to me vanished my exhaustion and when she grew up a little her first kiss in the morning was enough to reenergise me for the day.

      We shared bed till she was almost two and half years old and I never regret taking that decision. It was a little difficult initially to make her sleep in her own bed after that. Sometimes she would get too clingy and I gave in but eventually she was happy to sleep in her own bed.  Although it was convenient for me now that I got my bed to myself and even my 'Me time' but I really missed her presence in my bed.

       Babies get independent soon when they don't need us at every moment but to share sometime with them initially is magical and makes a strong mother and baby bond which lasts for a lifetime.

About Priyanka Rai


I am a dental surgeon, an army wife and a mother of a 30 months old daughter grooming her round the clock. Writing is my passion and when not writing I love to spend my time in the company of books and my daughter.My life changed completely two and a half years ago when my daughter was born. From being a working woman to a full-time mother was a tremendous transition but I cherish every moment of it. From the moment when I held her first till the time, I walked her to playschool every moment has been sheer bliss. I love talking to her, reading books to her and capturing her different moods and moments. 


This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Priyanka Rai as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood

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