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Neha Sawkar Vaze

Neha Sawkar Vaze

​Published on

16 May, 2019

Let’s pay some extra attention to phase "Zero To Three"

The early years of a child are the most important years in the life of the parents as well as the child. The ship of parenthood has just been boarded and there is so much to explore! Each day being a new day! The mother is as novice to this entire situation as much as the child is.

Well, Although there is no rocket science involved here, there is a part of neuroscience playing its role...!


It was obviously and undoubtedly love at first sight when I first held a 2.8 kg cute little being whom I had just delivered after a long wait of 36 weeks...As he lay in my arms, with eyes wide open what began from that moment, was a relationship that was to last for a lifetime.


As he felt my first touch, little did I realise that just as tiny and cute as him, there were many tiny cells inside his brain that kept on multiplying and thus his brain too grew up while he was growing up.


And as he first smiled at me and with the first hug that I gave him, a journey of an extraordinary brain development began, which strengthened and deepened with our bond and also played a vital role in the further developments to come.


Love is known to be the best binding agent to build up these little brains, and studies have also stated that the growth of a child's brain is at the highest in the first three years, so as every time I picked up my child when he cried, or while I gave a pat on his back for the burp post feeding, every time I picked up on his cues and every time I connected with him in some way or the other, unknowingly, as a mother I primarily facilitated in the growing up as well as the early extraordinary development of his brain...


I will share a few of the activities that I tried to engage myself in, along with the family, for the baby so that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to accelerating the brain cell growth ,and development in the first three years.

Also below will mention an important  DONT !when it comes to hampering the vital develpment of a childs brain in the early years



One of the most important aspect in the early stages of a child is Mother's Touch....

Those lil hugs, the caress, and the kisses....

Baby strollers are very important in todays life but avoiding it and using a baby hug carrier instead was one of my best decisions I took in life...They love to be carrried every now then and that brings them much more closer to the heartbeat of the mom.


2.Massage & Bathtime


This took just about one hour of the everyday baby chores, but trust me, it worked wonders...

A little bit of oil and the fingers dancing all over the lil ones body would lead to giggles & chuckles thereby leaving behind a happy baby...This improved the skin texture, but more importantly it was the connect that elevated!.




I agree there is no particular language that a baby understands in its early years, but all those cooing, babbles and gurgles become the mommy-baby language, hence with each step ,they start understanding new words, and then with passing time,they learn framing them into short sentences.Perhaps, thats the reason why its said that the baby first learns to communicate in its Mother-tongue.




Right from the day the baby is born, the mother plays with her offspring everyday....

First, it may vary from the simple peek -a -boos, games played with the toys or 'Catch me if you Can"! Every game is different , but what matters the most is the accelerated and improvised motor co-ordination that takes place with each of these simple games played with the little one.




For me, Reading is one of the best ways to communicate with my little one...I always sang songs and read books to him right from the time he was inside the womb! and no wonder, he loved all of those rhymes, songs and stories once he popped out....

Now as a night time ritual, we cuddle up and snuggle into the blanket to read a storybook until it brings about some sleep in our eyes..

The best part about the reading ritual is that it involves, all the senses like touch, hearing, seeing and of course the lovely smell of the fresh pages of his books.

Yes, this indeed brings about the best in my prepares his brain, and puts him on the role for the coming future..


Above stated are only Few of my personal experiences, in trying to bring about the best I can do to develop the brain functioning of my child.

"To Err is Human", and finally we are human beings and are bound to make mistakes.


These days most of the little ones along with their parents have become victims to the technology.


My son used to not agree to take the first bite until I switched on the rhymes on the phone, and we mothers are ready to do anything to get them eat! I used to give in every time, but when I realised the harmful consequences, I had to be strong to make up my mind. I tried diverting his mind, temporarily from the small screen to the big screen i.e. the television in order to put food in his mouth, but gradually talking to him, narrating stories etc I got rid of this bad habit..It takes time, but its not impossible!


We all want the best for our children, hence in order to make our little ones smart and confident to face the world, we need to stand by them, hand in hand at every little step they take...

Mother is the first pillar of strength to the child, So lets give in ourselves and our endless support and lets do our bit for making our child smart and confident in its early phases and yes, I am sure ,this will take them a very long way ❤

About Neha Sawkar Vaze


This is Neha,​
A Pharmacist by profession, A Writer by passion And A Mother,(to a toddler) purely By Choice!
God cannot be present with all, so he created a Mother, and I am really gratefull that I could be a part of this beautiful journey called MOTHERHOOD..
Come, let’s all all drive through my experiences & stories.....!
Feedback always appreciated..
This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Neha Sawkar Vaze as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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