FAQs On Growing And Maintaining Teeth Of Your Baby

Q – When does teeth begin to appear in babies ?

A – In some babies , teeth may appear as early as 3 months and in others , they don’t arrive until around 12 months . Babies get teeth at different times .

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5 September, 2019

Q- What happens when teething begins ?

A – Babies rub their gums together when teeth are starting to come . Drooling , sore gums , crying , babies may seem cranky , they suck anything and everything and may not feed as usual .


Q – What all can we try during teething ?

A – We can wash our hands and then gently rub our baby’s gums with a clean finger , give tethers to bite on , give clean cold damp washcloth to suck and can cook less chewing foods for our baby .


Q – What is the best dental care for baby teeth and gums ?

A – Wipe baby’s gums ( well before the first tooth appears ) gently using a clean damp washcloth .

        When teeth arrive , clean them with a toothbrush or wipe the front and back of each teeth with a clean damp washcloth .


Q – How to prevent early tooth decay ?

A – Avoid giving sugary drinks or foods high in sugar to your baby . Also , don’t put baby to sleep with a bottle , which may put him at risk of tooth decay .

Q – How to take care of baby teeth ?

A – For newborns , wipe gums with a wet washcloth to keep mouth clean . For children up to 3 years , use an amount of toothpaste of the size of a rice grain to clean the teeth of babies . For children 3 years and older , use pea sized toothpaste to clean baby teeth .


Q – How to clean one year old’s teeth ?

A – Brush child’s teeth with a soft toothbrush and water . Do not use toothpaste .


Q – Can we use toothpaste to clean baby’s teeth ?

A – When child is 1-2 years old , switch to a soft baby toothbrush with water . Add a small amount of toothpaste that does not have fluoride in it . This type of toothpaste is safe for your baby to swallow . Brush baby’s teeth twice a day .


Q – What is to be considered and kept in mind when baby’s oral hygiene is concerned ?

A – Do not let baby fall asleep with a bottle . Stop giving your baby a bottle when they are 1 year old . Stop using a pacifier around age 2 .


Q – When should our kids see a dentist ?

A – Children should see a dentist by their first birthday , to know about proper brushing techniques .

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