How I Prepared Social Development Of My Baby In First 3 Months

Social and emotional developments the first and foremost milestone in a baby's life.In first three months it can be recognized only by feelings and emotions.

Eva Veronica

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18 May, 2019

“Babies recognize their mother's voice immediately.

Touching is the main source of development, it feels

the heat from mothers’ hand when she holds her.

Differences in hands is recognized by the baby easily”.

In the first month babies’ vision will be blurred, so I used to talk to my son very closely. Babies’ eye contact is the most important. Always make sure to look into your baby's eyes while talking anything. In the first month my son loves to keep him within my bosom. He lay down on me after feeding for few minutes. I was very afraid to handle as his head was always moving. Till five months his head was moving. In middle of fifth month only his head stood still. Before pregnancy I thought it is easy to hold a baby. After he is born, he was so soft and tender that I was very afraid to hold him. When he was three months old, I used to fight with him and in return he giggles and blabber in such a way that he is interacting with me. After taking bath I used to take him outside the house and wander in sunlight. Within 3 months I made him to be in the routine of full day playing as well as napping often and also full night sleep. Touching, holding make him happy and it seems safe and secure. In order to make him awake during day time I used to talk and play with him.

First time when I saw him, I felt God has given me a bundle of joy. In the morning when my son wakes up, I used to feed him first. At that time, he gives a cute smile.He recognizes his grandpa voice very clearly the moment when he was born. Before bathing I will do massages to him where I used to say about hand rolling, holdinghis leg doing like jogging. At that moment he smiles cutely. My son loves songs a lot. I used to sing lots of our spiritual songs for him to make him sleep. While feeding him, while playing with him, I used to sing for him, because while I was pregnant, I used to listen to lots of songs. Whenever his grandfather makes sound or call him, he turned towards the sound where he stands.

In the second and third month he makes sound when we talk to him. Whenever I feed him, he look into my eyes and glance at me. When my mother holds him, he immediately finds the difference between me and her. When my son was born, I never put him in cradle always make him to lay down beside me in bed. He feels safe and secure to sleep near me. Whenever I cross him, he recognizes me and turn towards me. Whenever I talk with him, he looks into the movement of my mouth. So always remember this is the stage where babies observe people and get closer with the people. In the first three months I never used diapers for my son only I used clothes. I used to change dress for him daily thrice and clean the clothes with sanitizer liquid.

In the third month I used to hang jumping toys above him and singing voice box he listens to it and response to it by talking in his own language. My son understands my emotions with my facial expressions when I am happy, he smiles at me, when I yell at him he keeps quiet and stare at me, when I feel sad he looks at me very calmly. Whenever I do anything for him I use to tell him what I am going to do for example: if I am going to change his dress I could say to him that “Now mummy will change your dress” at that time he gives a cute smile. Babies understand mother with her facial expression. From the womb babies feels all emotions of the mother. I never missed any moment with him. I enjoyed each time with him. I recommend the upcoming mothers that maternity is a beautiful journey. Write down each and every moments in a diary, because precious moments can’t be replaced. I missed those chances. So I am sharing my wonderful experiences with you all. Each and every baby is different. So enjoy your own babies moments and movements with you. Being a mother is a gift from God. Happy motherhood.

About R. Eva Catherin veronica.
Hi, I am R. Eva Catherin veronica. I am
a mother of a 5-year-old son. I am a homemaker. I am always busy person because my son always keeps me busy. After my son's arrival our life became meaningful and adventurous. Each day he will be new to us. On December 13th 2014 my Son was born on that day onwards I too was Born again. He showed me the strength in me. He made all the pain gone through the delivery into happiness. He filled our lives with happiness and fullness. Mother is a word where every emotion is embedded in it. Motherly love is unimaginable.
This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Eva Veronica as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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