How My Husband Created A Bond With My Child

Parenthood is a blessing. Not only the mom moves to a different phase in life, but the dads also take up an entirely fresh responsibility in life. The relationship between the parents and the new-born starts at the early stage of pregnancy. This statement completely aligns with my life. My husband has built a strong bond with my children even before their birth and still maintaining the same. Here is how it all started !

Prianga Vijayaraghavan

Prianga Vijayaraghavan

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7 December, 2019

When my pregnancy was confirmed, he was overwhelmed as a father and he was all set to take good care of us(me and my child). His words were very comforting and it helped me to face all the stages of pregnancy with more confidence. He never missed talking to the new member(Kid) everyday. As we all know that the development of the baby increases with time, It is not so surprising that the kid starts hearing even before birth. some incidents reflected the same!. The baby used to kick me to show its presence whenever my husband is speaking. That was a magical moment. If the new dads to be needs to experience the same, never fail to talk to your kid before birth, This is the first step to build a relationship with your child.

The next stage is where my baby was born as a caesarean kid. After the surgery, the doctor gently placed the baby at my husband's arms. Though he never had experience in carrying a new-born, he practised in two possible ways to hold the kid whenever needed. One is to hold the body in a horizontal direction closer to the chest, Another one is to hold the baby in a vertical direction closer to the shoulders. In either case, he used a soft clean cloth usually made of cotton. The cloth creates warmth and prevents body ache for the baby. I was really surprised to see my husband as a responsible dad and trust me I forgot my surgery pain on seeing the way he handled the situation. Though it sounds dramatic, It was sensible at that time !

Paternity has found its development in the entire world. The new dads not only welcome the baby, they also welcome the responsibilities as a care-taker and a baby-sitter. My husband is not an exception. He stayed with me at the hospital. He used to take the child after feeding, Put her at his shoulders in a vertical direction, gently rubbed her back to get the sound of digestion from the baby. He then made her sleep either by holding her in his hands and towards his chest or simply placed her in the cradle and made a mild oscillation to make her sleep.

Strong bonding between dad and the baby is developed whenever the communication came into the picture. The best part is he(My husband)was able to understand the reason behind every cry of the baby. This happened because of the strong observation towards the child, responding to the child through action or voice. For instance, If the child is hungry, he never waited for a second to give her for feeding. If the baby was feeling sleepy, He used to sing a song or pacify her by talking soothing words. He always plays hide and seek and interactive games to make the baby more active !

He never failed to give her a good massage, a gentle walk with the help of cradle also helped my husband to create that magical bond. My baby was comfortable  with his words, song, warmness and a daily cradling with him. She started turning her heads whenever she heard the sound of my husband. At this stage, The bond is said to establish as a never ending bond.

Parental care especially on taking care of a baby is an art. Parenting does not happen every time. So he cherished every single second he stayed here. My husband proved as a perfect dad as he understood that it is his responsibility to take good care of the bud and a good husband as he took good care of me after pregnancy.

Parenting miracles does not happen in a single day. New dads here is a message for you! If you need an everlasting bond with your baby,  it is necessary to have more patience, and maintain a baby-friendly environment. Either by taking her to hear the song and by making an action. My husband was passed in distinction in taking good care of the babies!

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I am Prianga Vijayaraghavan,​
Mother of two princesses. I would like to observe, listen and communicate with my children to make things done. Children are the future adults. The best possible way to make them live a healthy lifestyle (both physically and mentally) is by following it ourselves(parents). I thoroughly understand my responsibility as a mother and try to provide my kids with the best possible solution to make them survive in any situation. I would like to join hands with the other mothers out there to make the motherhood lively and work on their concern to give a fruitful result.

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