How Should I Breast Feed My baby?

Breastfeeding depends upon the need of the child and is generally on demand when the baby is hungry, which varies from half n hour to three hours interval, but a baby of one to two months of age should be fed 8 to 10 times a day.

Priyanka Rai

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19 May, 2019

The more often you breast feed the more the milk supply grows. Its called responsive feeding and the baby loves snuggling to the mother whether hungry or not. This is the best way to establish a strong mother and baby bond.

Checking on whether is baby is properly latched is important too, otherwise the nipples get sore.

      Over a few months time the baby's feeding habit becomes more predictable, and the baby tends to go longer between the feeds after they have satisfied their hunger completely.

     After six months the breast feeding should continue along with outside food and by then both mummy and baby become down pat in feeding.

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