How To Understand Body Language Of Your Child

Becoming a mother is not an easy task. It takes a lot to do justice to our role that we play in our child’s life. We spend most of the time caring for our new bundle of joy, observing her movements and trying to understand the same. Their body language tells us a lot about their mood and feelings. Babies communicate with us by body movements, for the first year.

Komal Gupta

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28 May, 2019

“Till the time our kids are not able to speak, initially they communicate everything by crying. Later on, they start expressing through their body movements. Our baby's body language tells us plenty about what they want or need from us.”


Babies are born with an inherent knowledge of body language which nature has provided them to recognise and respond to their environment. We don’t teach them on this.


I had always wondered what would happen if I am unable to understand or decode my baby's cues . I would consider myself as a failed mother who is not able to understand her baby's body language. However this is completely normal and happens with almost all of us. We are not experienced, nor are our kids. Our kids make us understand everything, although it may take some time, but sooner or later, we succeed in decoding our kids non-verbal communication.


My baby started communicating with me from his very first cry. Initially, I was unable to predict if his cry was for hunger, sleep, discomfort or something else. As he is growing up, he has started communicating through his body language. Although it is very important for parents to understand their child's body language, as a new parent this is very difficult as well.


Whenever my baby is hungry , he starts moving his lips/mouth, as if he is sucking or chewing in the air . This is his way of telling me that he is hungry and should be fed immediately .

Whenever he needs to poop, his facial colour changes . It may sound a little weird but his colour changes from white to red whenever he is about to poop. As soon as I get this signal, I prepare myself to clean him up .

My baby loves massage and is often in a playful mood when I give him a massage. Whenever I start massaging his one leg, he immediately raises up his other leg , as if telling me to massage his other leg too . And when his other leg is being massaged, he raises his first leg. In this way he communicates his happiness and enjoyment .


If my baby is uneasy because of colic or acid reflux and needs to spit up , he cries in an unstoppable manner , even in his sleep.


When he is sleepy , he will start rubbing his eyes, ears and head. This way of communication is similar in almost every baby. It is the most easily understandable communication .


Arm jerks are common among kids. When my baby was a loud voice, horns, loud music, etc  In this case , I was guided to swaddle him whenever I had to put him to sleep. This prevented him from jerking his born, he used to jerk his arms whenever we used to shut a door; any sudden noise for that matter, or on hearing


While lying on his back, my baby pushes his body in upward direction, raises up with the help of his back. This is his way of expressing his happiness . While doing this, he gives a million dollar smile which completes our day .


Whenever I talk to him in a silly way, he listens to me very carefully as if he is understanding every word that I am saying. While doing this , he even raises his eyebrows while listening to my voice.


As a parent , the first thing we should learn is to understand our baby's body language . It helps us to create a strong bond with our child and in turn she feels loved and secured. Babies do not use words to say what they want, rather they have their own ways of letting us know that. It is our utmost duty and responsibility to recognise our babies cues, know their varied cries and understand their body language. The way in which we respond to our babies, helps them learn to communicate. Babies read our facial expressions and watch what we do.


Make sure you communicate in a way most suitable for your baby.

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From a working woman to a full-time mother, I am loving and living every phase of this new life. Leaving job was my decision as I wanted to be with my child during the early stages of his life. I wanted to witness his every action, from first cry to first word. I am happily employed as a full-time mother, whose remunerations are my child's hugs, kisses and laugh. 


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