Is It Safe To Take A New Born Outdoor?

Fresh air and natural sunlight is good for both the mother and new born. However we should take some precautions. It is a personal decision when to take a baby out in public.  Having said so, baby should be taken out as soon as we feel we are ready to do so. This may be a daunting experience at first, but fresh air and natural environment prove to be good and beneficial for the mother and the new born. If the baby is healthy with no worrisome medical condition, new born baby can be taken out of the house. It is essential for parents and babies to get some fresh air.

Komal Gupta

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18 May, 2019

According to doctors, if the baby is healthy it is beneficial for the baby to go out of the house in the natural environment. The baby is exposed to sunlight and vitamin D, which are beneficial for baby’s bones. owever , the mother also feels happy and positive and may fight her postpartum depression .

Just like all other new parents, I was not sure when to take my son out in the public, or even in the garden  I was worried about his health that taking him out may pose some sort of health hazard. It was our family custom for the new mother and new born baby to remain confined in one room for the first 16 days. I took my son out in the garden on the 17th day of his birth. I took him out in the early morning in low sunlight. We took a walk for 15-20 minutes and it was refreshing. The change of the environment of a new born is very  for a baby’s health and mind. After few days, I even took him out in the public with all the precautions in my mind. To my surprise, my son responded well to this new atmosphere and enjoyed too.

We need to take following precautions while taking our baby outside –

Proper clothes – We need to make sure to dress up our baby appropriately before taking him/her out of the house. Baby should not be overdressed or under dressed .

Baby supplies – We need to carry baby bag with all the essential supplies like diapers , burp cloth, changing sheet, bottle feed requirements/breastfeeding cover, etc.

Start small – Whenever it is the first time outdoor with the baby, start by short trips . Once the baby is comfortable, length of the trips can be extended.

Crowded areas – Baby’s immunity is low initially. Being exposed to a crowded place means that he/she is being exposed to a number of germs. Thus , crowded places should be avoided.

Sunlight – Baby’s sensitive skin, if exposed to direct sunlight, may lead to sunburns. Although sunlight is good for baby, we need to ensure that baby should be exposed to indirect sunlight .

Although it is safe to take out baby in public, we should not undermine the risk of coming in contact with unhealthy people, as it is harmful for the new-born. Baby’s immune system is immature and still developing and may not be able to fight infections. As a parent, we need to make sure to avoid coming in contact with sick people and take all necessary precautions. We should enjoy these outdoor trips with our baby , but with all the required safety and caution.

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