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When a child is born, a MOTHER is born too!! Motherhood is a state which cannot be elaborated in words but it can only be experienced. Thankyou Yashwanth (my son) for making me experience the motherhood. I am here to share my experiences how this motherhood has transformed me personally and professionally.

Anitha Bharathi

Anitha Bharathi

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11November, 2019

“Well, I am a proud mother of a five years old son cum mentor. Certainly, a mentor, because each kid is a parent to the parents. The life lessons which I learn from him can only be learnt by sitting under  the Bodhi tree. My journey with Happy Motherhood started when my son was 5 months old in the womb. It was declared to be a  complicated pregnancy, post Anomaly scan. I was totally dejected to know that the complication hits one in 500 women.  Why me?? Nevertheless, I some how managed to pacify myself”.


My sister-in-law suggested me to talk to her neighbour, Mrs. Ananthi Ragupathy, Founder of Happy Motherhood. I did not force myself to talk to anyone as I was in my own world. However, Ananthi herself made an attempt to call me and we spoke hardly for 30 minutes. That phone call was indeed a boost for me! It would be no exaggeration to say that, my pregnancy season to be termed as Pre-Ananthi trimester and Post-Ananthi trimester. That was the impact of positive vibes she passed on to me. A good start to my true motherhood!

Days were passing on and I started concentrating on my work. I worked for a Bangalore-based firm which is into oil & gas sector. I was compensated with highest series of five-digit salary. Well paid and women-friendly job in a happening and cool city. What else is needed for a married woman in the late twenties. Life was all smooth and settled until I delivered my little champ. As expected and visualised, I did not face any problem during delivery (Power of positive thoughts and vibes acquired from Happy Motherhood). If not for Happy Motherhood, I would have had fearful pregnancy which would have had its own negative influences on my son. 


A few months later, I had to re-join office. As every other first-time-mom, I was reluctant to take up the job again. I was just not ready to leave my tiny boy, who will need me every hour. Was that the only reason? Not at all.. It's all a master plan of the nature. Yes, I was trapped in the deep motherly love for my boy. Who will not fall for her own baby?? And I am so glad to say that I was no exception to this scenario.

So, what did I do? I chose to resign the job and stay at home to give my son the love, the warmth and values which I would not be able to buy from anywhere with the money I earn. (Undoubtedly, Philosophy #1, :P). As days passed on, I was not the same lovable and energetic mom. My life had become very monotonous with no challenges to face. I could feel the void inside my mind and soul. There was a spark which made me realise that I have lost the career. Did I make a mistake resigning the job?? Weren’t the other new-gen mothers balancing both work and life. Then why wouldn't I? Gave a shot to few interviews. Fortunately, nothing fruitful happened then. At times, I used to show the frustration on my boy saying that he was the reason for me losing the career. (Philosophy #2 God has his own plan and he is the best script writer and screenplay editor. So, wait for it.)

In the meantime, I moved to Chennai, another happening city for all the classes of people. Sitting idle at home was making me crazy like hell. One fine day, I happened to message Happy Motherhood group on WhatsApp, asking for job opportunities. Immediately, Ananthi texted me personally, if I would be interested to take up Franchisee of Happy Motherhood. What an opportunity and responsibility?? I always wanted to become an entrepreneur and a public speaker. So, why will I miss this double dhamaka opportunity. Without any second thought I said a YES! (Philosophy # 3 Believe in God/Universe. You will get what you deserve to get).

Though it took years together to materialize, now I am an ENTREPRENEUR - Franchise of Happy Motherhood in Velachery. This is not just a money-making job for me, but my passion as well. Immense self-satisfaction is the best compensation, one would receive for any job it matters. And I receive it with pride.


I am writing this just to motivate many such first time mothers who have lost the career because of motherhood. There is nothing to be worried about. God/Universe has a plan for us. Have a strong belief on this. You will be communicated through some means on what you are good at, strong at and capable of. Grab it and be thankful for what you have. We can definitely make a living out of our passion. Making your passion as your profession would be the best thing to do on the earth. Let’s live our own and single LIFE. Let us all celebrate the motherhood and at the same time let us not forget women empowerment!

Motherhood made me lose my job and Happy Motherhood made me an Entrepreneur. Thank you Happy Motherhood and Yashwanth. You made it possible for me.

About Anitha Bharathi

I, as a kid was a shy, soft spoken, timid, calm and innocent girl. Life is all about evolution. Certain stages of my life have shaped me up as a matured, strong, confident and independent lady. To be very particular, being a mother is still sculpting me into a better personality. This is the spark which has made a Chemical Engineer step into the medical field to engineer the minds of young moms and moms-to-be to design the superpower brains of new born and unborn.
This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Anitha Bharathi as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood  

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