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Bringing home, a tiny human is abundant joy and peace. This lavish joy could only be cherished if the new mom knows how to handle the newborn phase. As the baby is newborn to the world so is the mom. To the little one everything in here is avant-garde and so is the tiny one to the mom.

Nirmala Lakshmi

Nirmala Lakshmi

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16 March, 2020

Initial weeks would be real roller coaster in life with the new born. Joy at its peak by the feather touch of the little bundle of clouds and total despair when they cry for no reason you could guess. A new born requires your time the whole time of yours. You could even feel there would be no room for yourself even for basic needs of life. And no wonder if you feel yourself like a milking and diaper changing machine. But cheer up more fun and joy are on its way. I would like to share a few things which I found by handling my newborn.

There are lots of things but the first and foremost thing is you have to believe in you and your body, be calm and accept the changes in your life.

1. Moms health
Taking care of your own health is of cardinal importance, despite the nature of delivering a baby. Never make compromises to follow the healthy diet plan you have followed while pregnant. Unless you are fit, it's undoable to take good care of the little one. Avoid heavy work for at least 60 days. Eating healthy and keeping yourself hydrated is very important. Keeping homemade snacks handy could be as helpful as breastfeeding would require a lot of stamina. Protein rich foods would help in allay along with the lactation.

2. Sleep
Sleep would be the most required luxury now with a newborn. Getting enough sleep is a must to take care of yourself and your little one. Taking care of a newborn is like a marathon, it requires stamina. Sleep while the baby sleeps. This would work well for all mommies. House chores could be done later but not your baby's sleep so give priority to your sleep. Only with a good sleep you can be in a good mood to take care of the baby. Taking power naps would help most on sleep deprived nights.

3. Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding seems a natural process as heard from our parent generation. But the hard truth is a big NO. Just do not get tensed and feel guilty when it did not work out well. You and the baby just need some time to get it right. It doesn't come easy on its go, you need to get on the right track just through trial and error by trying various positions comfortable for both you and baby. Elucidation on the myths of breastfeeding is vital.

4. Organized room
This might sound crazy but believe an organized room would give you peace of mind. Keeping things in an organized way would save your time and energy. Having baby things at hands reach would always be helpful. Using fabric baskets for storing baby clothes would make your job easy after each laundry. Can dump the clothes in a tidy way and fold when you have time.

5. Reliable source
As a new mom you would get tons of advice, tips and information from all around the globe. Just give your ears to it never your mind to all opinions. In addition to the part of relative and friends you too would ask Google a lot of advice. Overloaded with information will leave you dazed. So always have a reliable person to get your doubts cleared.

6. Me time
Far-reaching habit for aeon of happy parenting is ME time. Just take twenty minutes of each day for yourself. Do anything that could give you peace of mind. Let it be a warm shower, reading a book, going for a walk, watering the plants and as simple as having a cup of coffee. These would help you like power boosters for long run.

7. Ask it out
Raising a kid is obviously not a one-man (women) show. Never hesitate to reach out for help to your reliable circle of family and friends. Do share your routine of child care to your partner, which would bring bonding as well reduce your workload.

8. Log
Might feel funny but believe me, maintaining a log on bathing, massaging, feeding, sleep and nap time of your bay will help you a lot. It helps in knowing the baby better and so you can bring a scheduled time for finishing your work.

9. Juxtapose
Each baby is distinctive. So never compare your baby’s sleep pattern, weight, milestones, and so on with any baby around the globe. This simple understanding will help you lot.

10. No delinquency
Never blame yourself or get blamed if it takes time to understand your baby. It’s ok if you take time to get in the track of breastfeeding, holding the baby, changing diapers, bathing and so on. Your baby just needs you and not a picture-perfect supermom.

11. Cosmic energy
Make some time to go for a short walk outside your home regularly, along with your baby. Getting fresh air will make magic in your energy levels.

12. Parenting class
Taking parenting class will do wonders. You will get to know eminent ways to raise a good human and along with it fascinating ways to play with your baby.

13. Black and white toys
Last but not the least, is the simple black and white toys. New-born can only clearly see black and white shades of colours and the other colours would appear blurred. Try few DIY toys. It would be a blissful feeling to see your little ones smile and enjoy your work for them.

Hope these would be helpful to the new born mommas to an extent.

Hey ! I am Nirmala,

I’m mom of 4 months old baby, enjoying and exploring motherhood. In all the transitions of my life from a daughter to working women to wife and to a mother now, I rejoice my current phase of life to the core. My little bundle of joy keeps me engaged whole day. Motherhood makes me move out of my shell, to be a catalyst for growing a humble human. It had made me explore the skills I have not identified all these years and tasks I would have never tried. I am a passionate reader and I blog which I feel worth sharing.



This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Nirmala Lakshmi as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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