Moment Of Joy When My Baby Was Born

The best moment in my life I would ever say was the moment when my baby came out of my womb.  The moment when my child was born, I felt that I was also reborn. It was like a second new life for me. I felt that it was the gift of God to me for my sacrifices during the nine months of pregnancy.

Rohini Vijay

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29 November, 2019

She was a blessing in my life.  I was so excited about having my baby. I was really speechless and couldn’t express my feelings in words. The joy I had at that moment cannot be described in words.  As soon as she came out of my womb, the nurse placed her in my chest. All of a sudden I burst into tears. Although, I have not cried throughout my pregnancy, that moment made me to shed tears. It doesn’t mean that I am sad. It came out of happiness. It was like a great relief. I felt like flying in air. I realised that I entered into the world of motherhood and lifelong responsibilities.


But I was really scared during the last moments of my pregnancy. I feared whether my baby would be a normal baby or not, whether she will have any complications, or I would develop any complications after her birth. The nurse advised me not to get stressed during labour time, as it may harm my baby. She also advised me to have positive feelings to avoid risks during delivery. Even though it was tough, I tried to overcome my fear keeping in mind that I am going to see my little angel within few hours.  But my husband’s presence with me in my labour ward gave me enormous support emotionally and courage to go through the labour pain until my delivery. Because of my husband’s presence in my labour ward, I easily went through the labour pain, and my labour lasted for about 12 hours as it was my first baby.

According to me, going into the labour ward with fearful mood may lead to risk in delivery. So entering the labour ward with a feeling of joy, positive feelings, and hopeful anticipation can help a lot in a painful labour.


My baby was placed on my chest for the first time after delivering her and I felt like an out of body experience. After dreaming a lot and wondering about how my baby would look like, it was like a great experience to see her and hold her in my hands. I missed my baby very badly in my bed when the nurse took her to check her weight and other body check-up. But not too late, my baby was back to me soon.

The calm of silence was broken by the echoes of crying of my newborn baby.  My parents and my relatives were eagerly waiting outside the ward. They were very curious to see my baby’s face. As she was crying out of hunger, the nurse asked me to feed her. Soon after I fed her, the nurse took my baby to show her to them. I was on cloud-nine. Soon after my baby was born, my soul mate distributed sweets to each and everyone in the hospital to express our happiness.

It was like a miracle happened for me to give birth after nine months of mixed emotions and anticipations. False delivery pains and back-aches became a blurred memory for me. It seems like just yesterday my daughter was born. 

In a week or two, I learnt how to breastfeed her properly, how to make her bath on my own, and how to hold her in my hands. I enjoyed each and every moment with my baby. 

I realised that motherhood is not really an easy task, but very challenging in all ways. This task made me stronger, courageous, and more patient. I know that only if I get stronger I can bring up my child in a good way.

My daughter had fulfilled a big gap in my life which no else can do that.  The moment she came into my life was the life changing moment. It was one of the best feelings in the world.

She packed my heart with so much of happiness that it almost hurt. My love for my daughter grows each and every day. I was very eager to see her cute chubby face every morning after I wake up. Her smiling face makes me more energetic throughout that day. I felt that my life was complete and fulfilled because of her.

Her birth increased my intimacy with my husband and we had intense feeling for our baby.

In the way I got to re-experience my own childhood in the act of parenting and repeated what was good and tried to improve what was not good.  

​About Rohini Vijay

I'm Rohini....
I have been married for 6 years now. I'm a Mommy to a busy girl named Ishitha. She is now 4.8 years old. I'm a full-time mommy. My daughter keeps me busy always. She is very kind to everyone and a happy child always. So, I feel that I'm very lucky to have her in my life.   I enjoy reading books, love to hear music and I engage myself in blogging at my leisure time.

This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Rohini Vijay as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood

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