Mothers are creators ...

You came as a blessing, your presence became a bling... all my dreams came true, life suddenly was a stew --- thoughts of every woman on becoming a mother.

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“The minute my son was born, I was instantly transformed. It was no longer me, I was a Mom and  that  is the most powerful feeling in the world, as I could see myself as the creator of my baby, a life.  We start seeing the

world in a different way, as our perspective changes after having a child.”


Mothers are truly referred to as creators, the creator of life and its purposeful existence. Only mothers can understand life, as it grows inside them. Mothers give up a lot to have a child but gain even more from having one.

Identity of a woman changes to a mother, once she gives birth to her baby. It is a gradual and lengthy process, starting from conceiving and does not end until she exists.

She is a creator as she plans to have her baby


Preparing for motherhood ……


The plan to have a baby is all in motherhood state of mind, which starts developing since the day a woman mentally and physically prepares herself to be ready to have a child. This state of mind does determine her thoughts, her actions, priorities, sensitivity and her values too.

Thus, it is said that a happy and healthy mother gives birth and
raises a healthy and happy child.

I created our family goals ……


We both decided to plan for a baby at least after a year of our marriage. We wanted to give our marriage some time, understand each other well and then plan for family. While planning to have a baby, not only emotionally, but financially also we needed to be secure. Raising up a child is not easy in the present scenario. Before getting married, I had discussed with my husband that I would like to quit job whenever we would have our baby, as I want to be with my child during his early stages of life.


She is a creator while she is pregnant


Undergoing magical transformation …...


During pregnancy women faces sea of challenges, physically and psychologically but her determination enables her to magically transform to confidence & rear the new life in womb with love and happiness. This is the most celebrated beginning in human progression. Pregnancy is believed to be a social responsibility as well.

Confidence, love and happiness are the essential creative values during magical days of pregnancy.

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