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Being a mother is the sweetest and most satisfying feeling in the world. I waited for that moment all through the nine months of my pregnancy. The ninth month being the toughest (walking around with a big belly is tough), and I was resting most of the time gearing up for the big job. Yes, motherhood is a 24x 7 job. I was even getting crazy thinking about the sleepless nights I would have to spend as a new mother. 

Priyanka Rai

Priyanka Rai

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16 May, 2019

“Finally, the due date arrived, and I became proud mother of a little princess at eleven o'clock in the night through C section. And with that began my long and crazy journey of sleepless nights.”

It was a hot April night and though my mother was taking care of my baby I could not sleep the whole night as the doctor had advised not to switch on the air conditioning being harmful for the new born. She too was crying a lot either because of the heat or hunger. I could not get the why she was crying making me realise as a new mother I had to rely on my intuition on what was bothering my baby. 

The next night she slept a little and I too slept a little getting up at frequent intervals for feeding her. Babies have a small tummy which gets full or is emptied fast, so they have to be fed every two hours. 

During the day so many people would come to see her, but she would sleep peacefully in the crib totally unaware of what was happening around her. She wouldn't even wake her when people took her in their arms. Being a new mom, I was learning everything slowly and would sometimes be not able to hold her properly, but she would still be unperturbed completely lost in her slumber. She woke up only when she was hungry during day time and would sometimes close her eyes and sleep even while I was feeding her. 

She was a complete night baby, waking mostly at ten o'clock in the night and sleeping at four, five or sometimes even six o'clock in the morning. During this time, she would only take a short nap of forty minutes to one hour letting me close my eyes for a while but soon she would wake up again. She didn't want to lie down when awake but wanted to stay either in my lap or in my arms walking around. After midnight I would be too tired and would wake up my mother to help me out. 

It is said that you understand your mother better when you become a mother yourself. It's totally true because now I was able to understand my mother's plight when she had told me that I too was a night baby and refused to sleep at night for the first six months. 

Both of us in turns would sit with her in our laps, walk her around in our arms and finally rock her to sleep early morning. 

The exhaustion from the lack of sleep was keeping me tired all the time, I would feel dizzy too at times and was in a zombie state completely. After four or five days when my body would not be able to take it any longer, she would help me out by sleeping for a few hours one night but again start the cycle of sleepless nights from the very next day. 

I would sit with her on the rocking chair in my room and keep on rocking for some time. She would close her eyes but the moment I put her on bed she would open her eyes wide again. 

By the time she was more than a month old kicking her legs was her favourite pass time throughout the night. She would just lie kicking her legs for hours without getting tired. My body had adjusted somehow in the new routine of sleeping with breaks during the day and night. (I still felt I a zombie though). 

At around two months of age she had begun to take a few hours of sleep at night, which was a little respite for me. By three months, she was a little aware of sounds and not sleeping so unperturbed like before during day time. She had begun to recognise me as her mother and even smiled at me. 

Then one fine day (or I should say night) a miracle happened. It was one of those sleepless nights when she was refusing to sleep and then my mother took her in her arms and began singing " Nanhi kali sone chali, hawa dheere aana", the song she would sing to me to make me sleep. She sang only a few lines when my daughter closed her eyes and slept peacefully in my mother's arms. As it is said that mothers are miracle makes and I had mine at that time. From that day onwards whenever she refused to sleep, I would sing that song to her and she would soon close her eyes and go of to sleep. 

By the time she was six months old she was sleeping peacefully at nights, waking up only for her feeds, which too were not so frequent. I had come back to my place from my mother's house when my daughter was four months old. But staying with my mom for the initial months helped me a lot as a Mother. I did have a lot of love and affection for my baby, but I learnt patience from my mom which helped me sail through those sleepless nights. 

Raising a child is a painstakingly long process which needs a lot of sacrifices on the mother's part, sacrificing your beloved sleep is only a one of the very long list. But the pride and joy you get in raising your child is beyond the sacrifices and priceless.

About Priyanka Rai


I am a dental surgeon, an army wife and a mother of a 30 months old daughter grooming her round the clock. Writing is my passion and when not writing I love to spend my time in the company of books and my daughter.My life changed completely two and a half years ago when my daughter was born. From being a working woman to a full-time mother was a tremendous transition but I cherish every moment of it. From the moment when I held her first till the time, I walked her to playschool every moment has been sheer bliss. I love talking to her, reading books to her and capturing her different moods and moments. 


This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Priyanka Rai as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood

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