One Parenting Lesson That I Learned As A Mother

Becoming a mother makes you feel joyful, elated, empowered, and invincible.  You've just pushed another human being out of your body, and you're unprepared for all the things that come so quickly.  While you're in the hospital, you've got plenty of help, but when you go home, it's all up to you.


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29 May, 2019

After becoming a Mom the first lesson that I learnt as a parent its that to deal  wit the kids we should have lots of patience and tolerance in each and every mattes We should also become a kid while enjoying with the children A mother needs lots of energy to deal with her kid


Eva Veronica


While raising up my son and looking at him everyday , the one thing I learnt is that my son is this little for a very short span of time and is in my hands and laps for few months only . So , I never miss a chance to hold him a little tighter everytime he cries or needs me because I have understood that he will never ever be this little again .


Komal Gupta


Let them be, they are only kids, don't panic about milestones, don't ever compare and enjoy each moment as it comes'.

they will resist, let them take their own time. Let them follow a routine and if they say No wait for it

Don't force them into anything sometime and try again.otherwise ,the key is to spend as much as possible time with them and let them grow and nurture on their own.

Priyanka Rai



In this beautiful journey of motherhood, I believe I have learnt various lessons as I spend every moment with my kid. In Fact I am still learning.. But, the most important Lesson Learnt is;


Our children grow up by looking at Us, the Parents! And moreover the Mother!!

They may listen to what we tell them, and even make an attempt to follow it with time, But more importantly they become what We Are!! Ultimately they are mini versions of Us!

For ex: If I sit with a cell phone in my hand , they will think that is right. And If I sit with A Book, They will try to imitate that!! Yes! That is the difference....

*Set A Perfect Example For Your Child.....They Will Become Tomorrow, What You Are Today


Neha Sawkar Vaze


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