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Travel makes life wonderful. It opens the door for learning from many masters with no regards to age, region, culture or any other constraints. I am fond of train travels for the particular reason, that we can peep on to lots and lots of stories from people of various backgrounds. On one blissful journey, I happened to see a cute family, young and vibrant couple with their cute little angel. She beguiled everyone around with her sparkling smile and shiny eyes. That was the starting of my amusement and learning. Kid would be hardly around 2 years. How could a kid be so much social to strangers? As this thought flashed in mind, my eyes were capturing another sight where her mom was grinning at her neighbours and getting it back. People are merely mirrors of us. Just by this understood the golden saying "Treat others the way you wish to be treated."

Nirmala Lakshmi

Nirmala Lakshmi

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20 January, 2020

# Learning 1: Smile is the most precious tool to be taught to kids.

# Learning 2: Children would not follow our words will just repeat our action.


As the train started, I was listening to music with my headset and enjoying the window sceneries. But I couldn't resist to sneak peak the little angel's play with her mom. Yes, as the train started, they started their play. It started with the kid saying stories. Then it was her mom's turn and dad's turn. Yes, dad too was involved in their play. It was a wonderful scene to see the trio telling stories.

# Learning 3: Parents should equally participate in growing a child. It's not just a responsibility of moms. 


Little angel was bored and started nagging.  I was curiously waiting to see her mom's action plan. Like a magician "jeem bhoom bhaaa", she handed a bag in those tiny hands. It is a busy bag which kept her busy for almost an hour. It consisted of various DIY toys for her. I was totally amused by the effort of the mom to keep this little naughty angel busy for almost an hour. On the other hand, little kid was busy exploring things herself. Never did she turn to her mom for help. It gave me a clue that this play is also their routine action plan and also all those activities were made around her interest. 

#Learning 3: DIY toys are more of kid’s interest and give more fun to them than the store-bought costly toys. 


Little Angel was spellbound by the tone of pantry salesman and started demanding for snacks. Her mom tried to console her giving homemade snacks but she was in no mood to accept it. Then mom, accepted with condition just this time. After her happy snack along with her mom she did take the wrapper to trash. It was the most assuaging sight at train, trash getting its place.

# Learning 4: Kids are kids and at times we need to go their way. 

# Learning 5: It's momentous to teach moral values through actions to kids. 


With my phone ring, I perceived that the family of trio didn't use any gadgets from the time they settled in the train. I was awestruck and I couldn’t resist myself from talking to the wonder women of trio family. She was affable and shared many of the habits they follow in the conversation we had. Key note of it was they never do surf internet and social media, in sight of their kid. As adult they do strictly follow screen time and call times. Before they expect anything from kid, they do crosscheck theirs. As a family they have play time and also make her play independently. They made her set goals to practice the small and doable tasks that she can do on her own. I was dumbfounded by the efforts as parents they do to raise a good citizen. As our chat ended my destination arrived and I bid good bye verbalising my admiration on their parenting style. So, this travel gave me lifetime lesson on parenting and kindled my interest to explore more on parenting techniques and made me realise the fact before being parents we should grow ourselves into better persons.

Hey ! I am Nirmala,

I’m mom of 4 months old baby, enjoying and exploring motherhood. In all the transitions of my life from a daughter to working women to wife and to a mother now, I rejoice my current phase of life to the core. My little bundle of joy keeps me engaged whole day. Motherhood makes me move out of my shell, to be a catalyst for growing a humble human. It had made me explore the skills I have not identified all these years and tasks I would have never tried. I am a passionate reader and I blog which I feel worth sharing.



This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Nirmala Lakshmi as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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