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Every new mom has this usual question of how long she should rest post pregnancy and why

The happiness and the love that first baby brings into our life is beyond words that at least I can’t express. As every other new mom, I was sore and very tired. Though I was in complete bed rest for three months, my late-night feeding session was very tough for me to handle. Every time I breastfed my son, my mom was always there holding my son which made me emotionally weak. Yet, I was also not ready to handle my son alone, worrying about the stitches and spinal injection. I did not have much knowledge on how to handle postpartum, both physically and mentally. And finally, I took a month’s time to recover back.

Asha Bhagyaraj

Asha Bhagyaraj

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23 January, 2020

I took three months to recover from the second birthing. It was physically challenging for its own reasons and added to that my four-year toddler was throwing tantrums with the arrival of his sibling. Nevertheless, I was emotionally strong and from the day one the bond between me and my little one was very enjoyable (Thanks to Happy Motherhood Pregnancy classes). I was able to handle both my kids with only four hours of sleep per day and exclusively breast fed my younger one. So, being aware and acquiring a little knowledge on how and what to take care post delivery will make you enjoy with your little one.

So, here goes the post-partum tit-bits from my experiences-

Ideally, three months of rest is required and it totally depends on each individual’s physical, mental and emotional health. That is why a working mom is offered maternity leave for at least three months. And to ensure complete rest, a new mother is made to stay at her mother's place in most states of India.

Things to be aware of Post-partum

  1. During pregnancy, the body has undergone many changes and it needs time to recover

  2. Heavy Bleeding can last up to 10 days after giving birth and light bleeding and spotting can continue up to 4 to 6 weeks

  3. Mother's body takes time to bounce back to pre-pregnancy phase. It's called Uterus involution or going back to normal size

  4. If underwent c-section, the sutures will take 10 - 12 weeks to heal

  5. Baby's sleep schedule is erratic and being awake the whole night is a norm

  6. Baby gets DPT and other vaccines every month and is usually fussy with leg swelling and fever

  7. Diaper changes are as frequent as much as we breathe

  8. New moms hunger meter will shoot up as they feed round the clock. You need to munch on nutritious snacks or take frequent and small meals. Breastfeeding burns around 500-700 calories and do not worry about over eating

  9. Most importantly, your back and spine need ample rest. Spine undergoes tremendous stress during vaginal delivery too. Uterus is made of strong muscle that pull, push and contract like crazy to push a 3kg baby out. C-sec moms are no different

  10. It is advisable not to climb stairs or lift anything heavier than your baby especially if you have had c-section delivery

  11. Nourish your body with healthy food and plenty of fluids and include exercise and yoga as per doctors advise

  12. Sleep when the baby sleeps

                            Happy Exclusive breast feeding and Happy parenting

Hey ! I am Asha Bhagyaraj

I am a stay at home mom to an active 5 year old son and cute 6 months baby girl. I spend most of my time taking care of two kids. I was a part of the IT industry for 10 long years. Though I miss my corporate life nothing compares to the joy of seeing kids while I am with them. According to me, parenting is all about learning things that worked for your baby. I started applying my own tried and tested methods on my babies and learned what works and what doesn’t. I am a classical dancer and a big fan of Ilayaraja music.


This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Asha Bhagyaraj as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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