Prenatal Influence On Future Of Your Child

The developing foetus is completely dependent on the mother for life, thus the mother is entitled to receive prenatal care , which directly affects the health of the child and the mother as well . Routine care reduces the risk of any sort of complications to the mother and foetus during the pregnancy phase . Anything the mother is exposed to in the environment affects the foetus and if the mother is exposed to something harmful , the child may suffer with life-long effects of the harmful exposure . Prenatal development is the process occurring during the 40 weeks / 9 months prior to the birth of a child . During this phase, environmental factors affect the development of the foetus .

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2 June, 2019

Prenatal influence is basically the physical conditions of parents and environment previous to the birth of the child, which have a greater impact on the new life. It is the process of growth and development within the womb. It ranges from – period preceding conception, conditions at the time of conjunction and phase during gestation – all these conditions and phases combine to form the overall prenatal influence . The prenatal development begins with fertilization and continues until birth of the child. Mother's diet and physical health plays an important role in the prenatal development. Adequate nutrition is needed for a healthy foetus. Iron and iodine are essentially required during prenatal development. Adequate prenatal care gives an improved result in the new born.


Prenatal influence is any impact on the growing foetus between conception and birth . These are inclusive of radiation impacts, maternal health, smoking, stress, etc. However, if health, medical and educational services are rendered to a woman while she is pregnant, these prenatal influences are not always of a negative nature. The prenatal period for humans generally lasts about 9-10 months / 40-42 weeks on an average. Prenatal environment, conditions and development play a significant role in the foetal development and an important factor in the later child and adult outcomes as well. Adverse or any negative prenatal condition may eventually increase the risk for diseases and health problems in the later outcomes of life. This is the reason why pregnant women are advised not to intake alcohol, smoke or indulge into such acts, as these may pose a threat to the life growing inside them . An adverse prenatal environment can have detrimental effects on the later behavioural and health outcomes of the child. Moreover, prenatal development is influenced by genetics. Expression and regulation of genes allows the foetus to adapt to different conditions and environment .

Personally speaking , I believe prenatal environment had a strong visual influence on my child . My son is the exact copy of my husband, in fact it is difficult to differentiate between the childhood pictures of both of them (that means my husband's genes were quite dominant than mine) . Just like other mothers, I often say that I carried my son in my womb for 9 months and he come out looking like his father. My diet , my physical and mental health and my environment were the key areas where both me and my husband worked on, as we wanted the outcome to be a happier and mentally and physically strong person. We had heard that genes play an important role for a child, as genes of both the parents are equally responsible for shaping up an infant. A child inherits genes from parents, where the dominance of a particular gene of one parent shows the inherited trait of the parent in a child. We all see kids around with various similarities to their parents, for example - eye colour, hair colour, peculiar facial features, etc; it is all because of the gene expression. If fathers genes of a particular eye colour are dominant , then the child inherits the same eye colour as that of the father .


However, before birth of a child, the foetus is surely shaped up by its environment, mother's diet, mental status, etc., but this is limited to some extent. Therefore, genetics play a crucial role in the prenatal development, which is directly related to the shaping up of the future of the child. Mentally strong and physically energetic parents tend to have a stable child in all aspects. Thus , mother's diet and her mental wellbeing are the factors highly effecting the stability of the child and his/her future . Whatever we, the mothers, intake – food, liquid, medicines – it all reaches up to the foetus and whatever we are exposed to in the environment also affects the foetus . In fact , any form of prenatal stress by the mother negatively affects the foetal development. When we are under stress, various changes occur in our body, which may harm the foetus. Also prenatal depression is also caused by stress and worry. While stressed, we are likely to engage in behaviours that effect the foetus negatively. We are always told to remain healthy and happy during our pregnancy. The reason being our state of mind directly effects our developing foetus, more the happy we are, more is the effective development of our baby. That is the reason we are guided and advised to avoid stress and alcohol/drugs/smoking during pregnancy, as we would not want to put a risk to the future of our child and his/her life. Thus , it is important that the mother is entitled to prenatal care ( all sorts of medical care ) during pregnancy which affects both the mother and the foetus.

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