Prep Tips And Setting a Routine Before Going To School

Education is the greatest asset that can be given to children. A School is a medium to raise the children as educated professionals. A daily visit to the school aids to develop discipline, self-confidence and it unveils the hidden talents of the children. Schools contribute to the gradual increase in the literacy rate in the country. Getting ready to school (both physically and mentally) by the children is quite challenging if things are not well-planned. But it can be made amusing with some preparation tips and setting a routine before going to school.

Prianga Vijayaraghavan

Prianga Vijayaraghavan

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25 January, 2020

Reasons to set the daily routine


  • To make the children develop a well structured and organised approach to any situation in life (personally and professionally).

  • To develop time management skills and instigate punctuality.

  • To make the children self-dependent to work on their chores. This enables the children to survive at any place irrespective of the presence of the parents.

  • Since a daily routine is followed, a healthy way of living is developed by setting a biological clock that corresponds to the commitment of the domestic chores on time.

The Mental Stability

Setting a daily routine is practising the child with daily activities that are to be considered before going to school. While many physical things are to be considered when going to school, the crucial thing to be considered is mentally active and welcoming to learn new concepts every day. The child must excite and explore the new things that are to be learned in the school. The study is not a burden, it is like an amusement park that takes an everyday ride with the children with new concepts. If the children know how to play the game then they are on the right track. With this opinion about education and schools, the child actively participates in setting up a daily routine.

Going To School For The First Time

Going to school for the first time requires a pre-planned work that incorporates the kid to develop an interest towards going to school. As we all know, " Beginning is always the hardest ", One has to take a giant step to comfort the kid by cultivating some good thoughts about the school.

Here are some of the ways to create a strong mental foundation for the kids before going to the school:


  • Displaying an interesting video of a school going kid who enjoys learning, sharing and caring.

  • It is necessary to take the children to the park or any other area that has social accessibility with other children. The personality development of the child starts from the park where like children get to know each other and they enjoy playing.

  • The next important factor that is essential for the child is communication. If the child knows how to address their concerns to the teacher, the child gets more comfortable with the school environment. This can be achieved by frequent communication of children with the neighbours, friends and the society.

  • Discipline the child with eating, cleanliness either by showing them with an interactive video or by making them to follow the routine by themselves.

  • Finally, the child has to understand that going to school means sharing the knowledge with their friends, learning with fun.

  • A small appreciation for their activities encourages them to learn more by going to the school.

Preparation Tips

It is necessary to prepare children to be physically and mentally healthy before going to the school. My elder daughter is six years old and she is doing her senior K.G. Her preparation begins a day before going to school.  She participates in organising her school bag. I discuss with her about the next day breakfast and lunch to be prepared, since the diet also plays an important role in preparing the kids for their day in the school. She then checks for her outfit (uniform, socks, shoes) before going to bed. The next day morning begins with her favourite song, playing in the mobile and with the bright sunshine that makes her active in the morning. We always believe in the saying, "Early to bed, Early to rise" as proper sleep can do magic in the human body. So, the hassle-free moments before going to school keeps the children comfortable and helps to concentrate on their studies.

 Here are the things to be considered before going to and after coming from school:

Before Going To the School:


  • Schoolbag and accessories- Schoolbag with organised books, stationery items, lunch box and water bottle.

  • Required outfit for the school- School uniform, required outfits based on the climate. For instance, winter climate requires sweater and rainy climate requires raincoat, socks and shoes.

  • Completed homework- Set of tasks to be completed for the next day class.

  • Calendar- A Calendar highlighted with important dates.

  • Alarm- A system that aids to wake up the children. (If not exactly the alarm, it can be their favourite music/song that makes them active in the morning).

After Coming From The School:

A day after the school for my elder daughter begins with placing the shoes in the shoe rack and uniform and bag in the respective organisers which is then followed by a gentle cleaning of the body. Since she is doing her senior K.G, I receive her by 11:00 am. After lunch, a little sleep makes her active throughout the day. We discuss the day in the school and her expectations as a student. Listening to her thoughts encourages her to actively participate in all activities. She then completes her homework and practises little physical exercise which is followed by dinner, a bedtime story and good sleep.

From my experience, these are things to be considered after coming from school.


  • Organiser- There is a necessity for shoe, book and uniform organiser to place the things after coming from school.

  • Lunch/Snack planning- Planning for the next day snack/lunch by having a short discussion with them.

  • Cleanliness- Placing lunch box and water bottle for cleaning.

  • A healthy discussion- A healthy discussion about their day in the school encourages them to actively participate in their activities.

  • Physical exercise- Physical exercise helps to develop a healthy and fit body.

  • Good Story- A good story before going to sleep develops morality, discipline and good thoughts (especially for story lovers!)

  • Good Sleep- A good sleep stimulates brain activities and increases memory and concentration ability.

Thus, a well-planned, organised routine helps both the parents and the children to enjoy the happy morning and so the entire day! But the children should also develop analytical skills and good planning if the things are not going as planned. Practising daily routine also helps to develop an active body and mind as it involves in the timely commitment of personal chores. The important factor in setting a routine is punctuality/time management. It has been proved that people with good time management skills and organisational skills are capable of handling multiple tasks with great concentration as they keep track of their work done in an organised way. They are likely to develop a safe and happy environment in and around the society! A socially responsible person is the outcome of practising an everyday routine with time management skills.

About Prianga Vijayaraghavan


I am Prianga Vijayaraghavan,​
Mother of two princesses. I would like to observe, listen and communicate with my children to make things done. Children are the future adults. The best possible way to make them live a healthy lifestyle (both physically and mentally) is by following it ourselves(parents). I thoroughly understand my responsibility as a mother and try to provide my kids with the best possible solution to make them survive in any situation. I would like to join hands with the other mothers out there to make the motherhood lively and work on their concern to give a fruitful result.

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