Preparing For A Baby

In my case, another important factor which was to be emphasized was Health...This included mental health as well as physical health

Neha Sawkar Vaze

Neha Sawkar Vaze

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26 May, 2019

Hi, Your skin is glowing! Any good news??


“I always loved kids, specially cute little babies, but being married at an early age, a mutually discussed decision was taken that we would wait for at least the first two years until both of us are ready to take up the role as parents!”


Motherhood is an institution by itself…

It is based on a conjugation of various different factors that affect the existence and wellbeing of an almost perfect and a trouble free phase of motherhood.


If Motherhood is an institution, then Family is the Head Quarters of this institution...

For me, the views of my close people were  of utmost importance, and more importantly what was even more important was their support!!! 


In my case, another important factor which was to be emphasized was Health...This included mental health as well as physical health




From A single human, automatically getting coupled with another human growing inside and right from that moment till forever, that little growing human, becomes an inevitable part of us....


I did not take a lot of time to mentally get prepared before planning for a baby, as I immensely loved being amongst tiny little ones always, except for the fact that since I totally wanted to enjoy every bit of motherhood, I had to only convince myself about the fact that ,this will mean that I will have to completely quit my full time job.!

And yes, this also meant that I needed to part ways with my favourite companion...My Sleep!!! (I just Loveee my sleep!!😛)



Now this was one turning point in my life for sure, The bigggg foodie that I am, and the forever Chubby baby that I, myself have always known to be, amongst friends and family, had to bring about a total metamorphosis!! I obviously needed to lose all the extra pounds that were lazily relaxing onto me, so without any delay I began to hit a nearby gym....

Secondly, for the time that was to come, I needed to Eat and live healthily, so My husband and me started following a basic but a healthy lifestyle diet, of course not forgetting to mention the cheat once in a while...


But, mindfully I bid a sweet farewell to all my loving pastries, chocolates and the junky junk that had unknowingly been a part of my life....


Our kitchen shelves got stocked up with healthy stuff....Fruits, Vegetables, dry fruits, etc began to rule our plates.


Eating well was also accompanied by nutrients. Being a pharmacist myself, made this part a little easier while getting stored with Folic Acid, calcium and multivitamins and also taking them on time every day, without fail just to ensure that my body internally is getting prepared for experiencing its biggest change!


Absolutely all these changes, big or small, taken by Me or Us, being supported or not, were not all that easy to implement and get executed....They too, took time to get accustomed to us, just as we took to get accustomed to them , but at the end it was truly worth it....undoubtedly! ..because while bringing about all these changes, while encountering a new version of ourselves, "We" were knowingly yet unknowingly "Preparing For Our Sweet Little Baby!


And finally ,no neighbourhood aunty or for that matter anyone else interfered, when I managed to get myself prepared for the most important and beautiful decision of my Life...It was completely Our decision, as we were both were getting geared up to board the amazing ship of parenthood❤

About Neha Sawkar Vaze


This is Neha,​
A Pharmacist by profession, A Writer by passion And A Mother,(to a toddler) purely By Choice!
God cannot be present with all, so he created a Mother, and I am really gratefull that I could be a part of this beautiful journey called MOTHERHOOD..
Come, let’s all all drive through my experiences & stories.....!
Feedback always appreciated..
This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Neha Sawkar Vaze as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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