Reasons Why Woman Want To Delay Their Pregnancy Announcement

The excitement of the pregnancy might be hard to keep it under wraps, and all women will be dying to tell it to their loved ones. The reasons to keep an early pregnancy private are many, and valid. There are many reasons for women to delay the pregnancy announcements like history of miscarriages, medical complications, family dynamics, and work expectations. So, a private first trimester is often preferred or necessary.

Rohini Vijay

Rohini Vijay

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2 December, 2019


Since the early stage is deemed as most risky, tradition holds that it is best for a women to conceal the pregnancy news from everyone, and to present it to the world once they are (again, supposedly) no longer in danger, no longer puking or exhausted, with a bump and a glow to show for it. Even now in many families older people offer advice to follow the tradition of not sharing the news publicly until the first trimester.

Mostly, pregnant women walk around with their pregnancy on display. And as anyone who has been visibly pregnant knows, that display draws out reactions. Some of those reactions are very welcome and some are very exhausting, and all it depends on the particular people in question. But regardless of how they are feeling, the general expectation is that they should meet that reaction with a smile. It is no wonder then that some of the women decide they would rather just have a few months of not needing to field questions from strangers at all. 

Waiting until the final trimester to let the cat out of the bag is not a very common choice, but it is not unheard of. It is more doable if a woman wants to keep the news from people whom they are not seeing in person.

This hesitation was not born of irrational fear or superstition or religious conviction, but of learned experience that not all fetuses that make it past the first trimester will actually be born. The choice also came from a deep sensitivity to the pain that those happy announcement posts cause to women (and men) who are desperate to get pregnant and have a child but spend months and years and untold thousands of dollars.


All women are longing to shout about their pregnancy from the rooftops, but some reason makes them worry that it could be too soon. Perhaps there may be some miscarriages for them in the past and so they do not want to jump the gun. The chances of miscarriages or an unplanned abortion significantly decreases after the first trimester. So many couples choose to wait until the most delicate stage (Usually first 10 to 12 weeks) has passed. 

So, many women have a fear of loss. Even in the best case scenarios, pregnancy is a time when something delicate hangs in the balance of fate and health and genes and sheer luck. When deciding whether or not to share news of a pregnancy, some women tend to follow the conventional thinking that in the case of loss, it would be better to have that be private. Sharing news publicly and having to retract it later sounded more painful than privately mourning. So, women are emotionally scared to make their pregnancy announcement little earlier. This kind of mental stress coupled with not sharing the news to anyone can be quite isolating for some women.

Some delay making their pregnancy announcement until it has been confirmed by the doctor. A dating ultrasound which determines the due date is usually performed between 11 to 14 weeks. Also, genetic screenings and other tests that are conducted during the same time offer the expectant parents a little peace of mind before they decide to make their pregnancy announcement.

It is not uncommon for women who have experienced miscarriages and other fertility issues to be more cautious about sharing news of a pregnancy, especially if there are life-threatening risks to the mother or baby.

The bottom line is that women wish to make their pregnancy announcement when and only when it feels right.


As previously mentioned, there may be certain physical limitations for many working women impacting their ability to work. They will naturally have to take some time off in a few months and the sooner they have to notify their employer, the better. If they prefer not to let colleagues know about their pregnancy, they should not be afraid to ask their employer to exercise discretion. It is also an appropriate time to discuss how to streamline their transition to maternity leave.

Some women don't want the employers to be annoyed that they might want to reconsider.  Some women are worried that if they tell their pregnancy later to their employer, employer might have less time to think about how they will cover the maternity leave.

In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, it is especially important to contemplate when to announce their pregnancy. But, if morning sickness and other symptoms interfere with work, they may need to have a private conversation with their employer.

Others keep mum because they want to avoid fallout in their professional lives. While some workplaces are supportive, others aren't.  Some professional women think that they won’t get any high-profile clients if they announce their pregnancy.


Friends and family will almost certainly be very happy for it. But if they have lost a baby, cannot conceive, or they are having trouble getting pregnant, it is important to remember that they may be sad for themselves. They may also not be able to show their happiness as enthusiastically as the other friends.

It is best to tell these friends in private and before sharing it with others, letting them know you realize that your news may not be easy for them.

In addition, a pregnancy announcement often puts the spotlight squarely on mom-to-be.  Some are attention-shy and they may simply want to enjoy their privacy for as long as they can.

Some women are worried about how family members would react to yet another baby, even more so with such a small age gap, and unwilling to take on any more stress than was absolutely necessary.

Some follow this approach because they have people to share the excitement with, and if something goes wrong, they don't have to explain things over and over again to a bunch of acquaintances.

There are other parents who have cited sensitivity towards their friend’s pregnancy loss as a reason for not posting their announcements or perhaps they don’t want to reopen their own painful wounds.

Many pregnant women just want to avoid all the pregnancy and baby talk and unwanted advice for as long as possible! Some women go this route because they don't want to deal with unsolicited advice or criticism.

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