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Culture is basically defined as a set of ideologies, customs, social behaviour of a particular sect of people or a society. So, it is very much obvious that culture of person from one sect completely differs from that of a person belonging to another. But it is very important for each one of us as an individual to respect one another.! As parents we need to know and understand that these values need to be inculcated in each of our children. When young, it naturally becomes easier to understand that all of us are the same despite the differences in our looks, how we dress, what we eat or the festivals we celebrate!

Neha Sawkar Vaze

Neha Sawkar Vaze

​Published on

01 June, 2019

Every child needs to be taught how to accept and appreciate the diversity of various cultures and also incline them towards learning more about each of them.

Let’s see a few ways how we can include Sharing of Cultures amongst our children!

Be Open To Every Question.!

Children will have hundreds of queries hovering over their little heads regarding other children coming from other cultural backgrounds Do not push back these questions. Instead, Answer Them.!!

Celebrate Others Too!

When we teach them to love themselves, we need to teach them to respect and be kind to others too! 

Exposure To All Festivals.

The celebration of religious festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas etc. Mostly happens in every school and hence in the earlier age itself they begin to love the variety thus understanding, accepting and even being a part of the diversity. 

Give It Some Time.!

We need to realise that it takes time to adjust to every new thing, hence children may take time to mix with and befriend other children coming from a different background altogether. But all we need to do is allow them to take their own time.!

These are few of the many ways we parents can do our little bit to promote the acceptance and sharing of the various beautiful cultures, so that our child grows up to respect every other citizen in the future. ❤

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This is Neha,​
A Pharmacist by profession, A Writer by passion And A Mother,(to a toddler) purely By Choice!
God cannot be present with all, so he created a Mother, and I am really gratefull that I could be a part of this beautiful journey called MOTHERHOOD..
Come, let’s all all drive through my experiences & stories.....!
Feedback always appreciated..
This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Neha Sawkar Vaze as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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