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‘Precious moments’ are those quality moments which we parents spend with our children.

Children may grow out of our laps but will never grow out of our hearts...This bond is special, this bond is irreplaceable for life

Neha Sawkar Vaze

Neha Sawkar Vaze

​Published on

27 May, 2019

We mothers get so busy with our life roles and nurturing our children that we sometimes forget to pamper and enjoy the feeling of motherhood...We unknowingly take up the big chunks of stress, rather that cherishing the joy in those cute little moments.

Going down the memory lane, when every mother reminisces the times spent with her child, these moments always top the list in every single case!!



The goodnight kisses, and the early morning tight bed hugs coupled by those cuddly cuddles.

Fragrant Love❤

Little babies right after their bath, indeed give out the best fragrance ever. Don’t they?



Seeing your babies off to a trip to lalaland, to enjoy a ride of dreams.


Enjoying and then cherishing absolutely all of their FIRSTS.

The first cooing,smiles,laughs, words, steps, crawls , thus adding many more to the list with the increase in their age.



As they grow, they reach a phase when they get curious and want to ask about each and everything going on in and around their little world.. Just as irritating as it may sound, its the most cute and enjoyable phase for the parents(only)😉


These above mentioned moments are just only a few out of those many, but yes, are the most special out of the lot and will be cherished, I am sure by every Mother for life💕


About Neha Sawkar Vaze


This is Neha,​
A Pharmacist by profession, A Writer by passion And A Mother,(to a toddler) purely By Choice!
God cannot be present with all, so he created a Mother, and I am really gratefull that I could be a part of this beautiful journey called MOTHERHOOD..
Come, let’s all all drive through my experiences & stories.....!
Feedback always appreciated..
This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Neha Sawkar Vaze as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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