Sleeping Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stage when we experience lots of changes in our day to day life. Due to hormonal changes there would be a change in our sleeping pattern, mood swings, eating habits etc. The main problem during pregnancy is sleeping problem.

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19 May 2019

In the first trimester nausea, vomiting will be there which disturb sleeping. Sleep in the first trimester is also disturbed because of frequent waking due to an increased need to go to the bathroom. Disruptions in sleep also happens as a result of physical and emotional stress associated with pregnancy. Increased daytime sleepiness. 

In the second trimester as the baby grow movements of the baby will distract our sleep. The quality of sleep may remain poor as a result of the growing baby and emotional stress associated with pregnancy. 

In the third trimester it’s very difficult to sleep due to some type of fear in us and discomfort due to your growing belly, heartburn, leg cramps, and sinus congestion. Frequent nighttime urination returns, because the baby's changing position puts pressure on the bladder. 

In this article I’m going to share my experience during my pregnancy. Each and every pregnancy is different, and each woman experience different problems during their pregnancy. However, there are some problems are most common and equal to all the women during their pregnancy. So, enjoy each problem with full of happiness and fullness. 

The most common problems will be morning sickness. In the first trimester this is the major problem. I too had this problem, so I took rest whenever I got time. Since most women are working, if they have morning sickness problem during pregnancy go to bed earlier during night this may lightly comfort you and will help in keeping you little energetic. 

In the first five months the one and only problem that was associated with me was vomiting.  During midnight too I vomited. So, I consulted my doctor and she prescribed me medicines. However, I avoided avoid taking medicines and start having dinner earlier within 7pm. This made me quite well and slowly minimized my vomiting sensation. I followed early dinner throughout my pregnancy.  

After fifth month my vomiting stopped so it was normal during midnight. As soon I got conceived, I started to sleep in left side. This sleeping side made me even more comfortable in my third trimester. During my pregnancy I avoided eating spicy foods during night times because this may cause uncomfortable during sleeping hours. This may also lead to burning sensation. I always use to keep two pillows while sleeping, one under my belly, another in between the legs this gave me comfortable during third trimester.

Before going to bed think positive, keep your mind and talk to your baby for a moment this will give a good sleep. My son when he was in womb, used to be very active during night time. I could feel lots of movements that made me happy. 

During my pregnancy always I kept in mind to have a healthy lifestyle. As the baby grows the belly grows so I will be careful while sleeping. It is very good to sleep in one side that too in left side. While sleeping if I have to turn another side I used to get up and turn and sleep on other side. But for me this doesn’t disturbed my sleep in anyway. 

Too much of sleep is also not good for pregnant women. This will affect their health as well as the baby’s health too. So, take rest whenever you need. If you feel uncomfortable in sleeping don’t get stressed. Relax for some time, talk with your baby and make him relax too and then sleep. The bonding between the baby and mom starts from their itself.  

Avoid drinking fluids at night. This will interrupt your sleep. During day time take rest whenever your body feels to have it. Each and every pregnancy and their symptoms are different, but it brings a change in everyone’s life. In my third trimester I used to have a warm bath below waist to avoid cramping and aching pain while sleeping. This gave me a comfort sleep without any type of pain during midnight.  Short naps will help in the journey of pregnancy. 

The more you sleep the more the baby grows well in the womb. Frequent urination is the other problem in pregnancy to avoid it limit the intake of water before going to bed this will help in uninterrupted and comfortable sleep.

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