Some Healthy Recipes For New Born To Toddlers

Indians always believe that food is a natural medicine for a healthy lifestyle. The first three years of a child growth mainly focuses on brain development, for which the child requires an adequate amount of a balanced and nutritious diet. Here are a few recipes that are suggested by the elders of my family, to stimulate the taste buds of the young ones! These recipes not only stimulate the taste buds but also nourish the kid with the required amount of nutrients.

Prianga Vijayaraghavan

Prianga Vijayaraghavan

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04 April, 2020

Ragi pudding

Ragi is a good source of iron, a necessary ingredient for the human body. It increases the count of haemoglobin level in the body. Including Ragi in a daily routine, starting from the age of six months keeps the body fit and healthy throughout the entire life! This Ragi pudding made out of Ragi, milk and nuts is delicious and should be made in a semi solid consistency. A small bowl of Ragi-pudding, one or even two times a day keeps the tummy satisfied and healthy.


Ragi -1 cup

Milk- 1 cup

Nuts (Almond)-2

Jaggery powder-1 spoon


Soak a cup of Ragi and almonds overnight. Wash the soaked Ragi and remove the impurities that are formed at the outer layer. Rinse the soaked almonds thoroughly and peel the skin. Ensure that there are no impurities of Ragi and nuts. Now grind the Ragi by adding water in the blender to form a smooth texture. Filter the blended Ragi by using a filter to form an extract of Ragi in a liquid consistency. Now boil a cup of milk by keeping it in a low flame. Add the Ragi extract to the boiling milk and stir occasionally to avoid the formation of lumps. When the mixture reaches a semi-solid consistency, switch off the flame and add a spoon of jaggery powder to give a sweet taste to the pudding. Now the pudding is ready to serve! This food is a treat for newborns and toddlers as well!

All In One Rice

Rice is a compulsory menu in a south Indian family. Rice helps the kids to fill the tummy completely and gives good sleep and a sense of comfort which is necessary for the kids to grow. After all, good sleep is necessary for the brain development of the child. Rice cooked with the selected vegetables and dal makes the food healthy and satisfying. Here is a simple menu that helps the moms to give a healthy meal to the children


Rice- half-cup

Moong dal-2 spoons

garlic-1 clove

vegetables(carrot, broccoli, potato, beetroot)-2 pieces each(or any vegetables with 2 pieces)

salt-as required

Ghee-1 small spoon


Add rice, Moong dal, garlic and vegetables and a spoon of ghee in the cooker with the required amount of water and a pinch of salt and pressure cook the ingredients for twenty minutes. The food is ready to eat!


The recipe can be developed with the addition of cumin seeds and curry leaves when giving it to the toddlers.

The baby has to practice various consistencies of the food while growing. Semi-solid food can be avoided when the child starts biting the food. Kids can be given with simple salads, fruits, nuts and edible raw vegetables at this stage. It is necessary to practice the kids with all types of taste before the child turns one year. It stimulates the act of acceptance of all kinds of food throughout their life. There are enormous recipes loaded with full of nutrients which are prepared with love and care. This food creates a strong basement for the kids for the rest of their life! Let their journey in the world begin with delicious food!

About Prianga Vijayaraghavan


I am Prianga Vijayaraghavan,​
Mother of two princesses. I would like to observe, listen and communicate with my children to make things done. Children are the future adults. The best possible way to make them live a healthy lifestyle (both physically and mentally) is by following it ourselves(parents). I thoroughly understand my responsibility as a mother and try to provide my kids with the best possible solution to make them survive in any situation. I would like to join hands with the other mothers out there to make the motherhood lively and work on their concern to give a fruitful result.

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