What Should I Do To Develop Senses Of My Baby?

A child's senses start developing from inside the womb and I started working towards it right from my pregnancy. During my pregnancy I made sure I ate the right amount of nutrition for better brain development of my baby. I also sang lullabies and read to my baby for her to sense things from even inside the womb. 

Priyanka Rai

Priyanka Rai

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11November, 2019

“Developing the senses in the right path definitely leads to

the balanced development of the child.”


Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the world, the pride and accomplishment of motherhood surpasses every other achievement in life. But motherhood is the most difficult task too as raising a child requires a lot of love, efforts and patience. A child is just like a piece of clay and the mother as a potter moulds the clay in to the desired shape. A mother's responsibility of raising the child in the right path starts soon after birth and continues life long where the mother acts as a friend and guide and help the child in every walk of life.  




Children often learn things more by touching and feeling than by seeing and hearing. The sense of touch is one of the senses which develop first. A child can make out the touch and feel of mother right from birth and immediately stops crying whenever mother holds the baby. 

My daughter too had developed the sense of touch early and would stop crying whoever I took her in my arms and cuddled. While playing I touched her cuddled her often as it is said that touching and cuddling make the children feel loved even from a very tender age. Slowly she started recognising the touch of her Papa as well. 




The sense of sight is one of the least developed senses at the time of birth but develops rapidly soon after.

Infants are short sighted and can see only up to twenty five to thirty centimeters. So, whenever I cuddled my baby, I held her close enough to see she could see me and recognize my face more than the feel of touch. 

By five to six months my daughter had started showing fondness for certain toys, I would keep those toys away and she would just try to grab them, making a perfect hand eye coordination, important for the development of sense of sight.   

Peek a boo was her favorite game at eight nine months, when I was out of sight, she was would just look for me here and there and the moment she saw me a broad smile appeared on her face. This game does develop a stronger sense of sight.

Going out, seeing different objects and pointing by their names again and again does work wonders. I used to take my daughter out for a walk every evening pointing and naming whatever things we saw on the way and it definitely helped her recognize a lot of objects and animals. The moment she saw a car she would say car and when I asked her 'where is doggy' she would quickly point out at the doggy on the road.



It is said that babies develop their sense of smell even inside a mother's womb and that's why they recognize the smell of mother's breast milk. They can even make out the difference between their mother's milk and others. 

 Breast milk is very important for the all-round development of the baby.  I exclusively breast fed my daughter for the first six months and continued feeding her even after that because the smell makes them develop a stronger bond with mother. 

I made sure to carry her blanket when ever we went out so that she would smell her blanket and get a feel of familiar surrounding and be comfortable even outside the comfort of her home. 

By the age of eight to nine months she had developed a strong sense of smell and I would make her smell the aroma of the food I had prepared for her, and when she smiled approvingly, I understood she liked it. It made a lot easier to understand what food she liked and what not. 




Babies sense of hearing develops even inside the womb. But the first month outside they are oblivious to sound. 

When my daughter was one and half months old she heard a loud thumping of something falling and was startled by the sound and I realised it was her first reaction to noise. From that day onwards I began singing lullabies to her so that she develops a sense of tune and rhythm and believe me they do develop the sense very fast. She used to just lie in her crib and listen to the musical merry go round attached to her crib for a long time and get enchanted by the music. I also got many musical toys for her which she loved playing with pressing the colourful buttons herself and enjoying the music. I had bought some musical toys which by pressing on the picture of the objects said the names of the objects. She learnt name of lots of fruits and vegetables by pressing the buttons playing and learning at the same time.




Babies taste buds are developed as a foetus itself and they can distinguish between sweet, sour and bitter. I had heard that if you eat a variety of foods in pregnancy, the babies become less fussy eater later on. So, I made sure to eat all the fruits, green vegetables, sweets and spices too. 

The first taste they develop after birth is of the breast milk and they have a sense of sweet taste in the initial months. 

But, weaning off to the solids I started giving her vegetable purees from six months itself so that she develops the taste for it soon enough. Doctors advice to keep spices away from children's diet for the first year and I adhered to that but started spices in small quantity soon after that. Children should not be given very spicy food but can have what is cooked at home after one year. It will develop their taste buds for spices in moderation.

I let her experiment with taste too. I usually have her two or three things to choose herself and she ate the one she liked more with satisfaction, which led to a less fussy eating habit. 

The humongous responsibility to look after, take care and develop the baby in the right path lies on mothers shoulders and it's her efforts that lead to the all round development of the baby.

About Priyanka Rai


I am a dental surgeon, an army wife and a mother of a 30 months old daughter grooming her round the clock. Writing is my passion and when not writing I love to spend my time in the company of books and my daughter.My life changed completely two and a half years ago when my daughter was born. From being a working woman to a full-time mother was a tremendous transition but I cherish every moment of it. From the moment when I held her first till the time, I walked her to playschool every moment has been sheer bliss. I love talking to her, reading books to her and capturing her different moods and moments. 


This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Priyanka Rai as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood

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