When To Announce Pregnancy?

Once you have discovered that you are with child, one of the initial things that will go through your overwhelmed mind is when to announce the pregnancy. Some people think that the proclamation should be made as soon as possible, while others prefer to wait.

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12 January, 2020

Reasons To Delay Pregnancy Announcement

Miscarriages: Most people are optimistic by nature. When they learn they are pregnant, their heads immediately fill with all the joys that will be bestowed upon them in nine months. For those who have suffered through the tragedy of a miscarriage, these happy feelings may take a while to develop. Studies show that 15% of recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage. It is for this reason that the topic of informing others about a “bun in the oven” is so hotly discussed.

The primary concern with making an announcement too soon is that you may need to make another announcement — a more awkward and heartbreaking one — in the unfortunate scenario that there is a loss. Sharing news publicly and having to retract it later sounds more painful than privately mourning. So, it is better to make the pregnancy announcement little later.

Social Issues: There are certain physical limitations for many working women impacting their ability to work. Some women keep mum because they want to avoid fallout in their professional lives. While some workplaces are supportive, others are not.  Some professional women think that they would not get any high-profile clients if they announce their pregnancy. So, working women should think twice before making their pregnancy announcement little earlier.

Family Issues: Friends and close relatives will almost certainly be very happy for it. But if they have lost a baby, or cannot conceive, or they are having trouble getting pregnant, it is important to remember that they may be sad for themselves. They may also not be able to show their happiness as enthusiastically as the other friends. It is best not to tell these friends about the pregnancy earlier so that you may avoid hurting them.

When and How To Announce Pregnancy?

Since the early stage is deemed as most risky, tradition holds that it is best for a women to conceal the pregnancy news from everyone, and to present it to the world once they are (again, supposedly) no longer in danger, no longer puking or exhausted, with a bump and a glow to show for it. The risk of miscarriage drops off significantly at the end of the first trimester, which is about 12 weeks; it is after this important time that most people feel comfortable disclosing their big surprise. 

Some delay making their pregnancy announcement until it has been confirmed by the doctor. A dating ultrasound which determines the due date is usually performed between 11 to 14 weeks. Also, genetic screenings and other tests that are conducted during the same time offer the expectant parents a little peace of mind before they decide to make their pregnancy announcement.

However, as becoming pregnant is a very personal thing, the choice of when to let others in on your secret is entirely up to you: do it as soon as you learn of the positive test or wait just weeks before giving birth, whichever you feel most comfortable.

Once you have made the decision to call upon others, you will need to decide how, exactly, you will do so. Phone calls are intimate, but if you have many people to inform, they can be quite time-consuming. Plus, you run the risk of someone you have already called contacting someone you have not and spilling the news before you have a chance to. Updates on social networking sites may spread the information quickly, but they are impersonal and may not reach everyone, especially those who are not often on the computer or do not have profiles on the websites that you use.

One hard-and-fast rule that is typically observed is informing future grandparents about the upcoming birth before anyone else. The act is respectful and honoring, and as such, should ideally be performed face to face. If meeting is not possible, a phone call will suffice, and at worst, a handwritten letter or note.

It is not always easy to make the decision on when to tell others about your new state of being, but as long as you feel comfortable on the timetable you have set for when to announce your pregnancy, that is all that matters.

Do’s and Don’ts In Pregnancy Announcement

Let Your Life Partner Know It First:  Start sharing the news with your partner first. He should be the first person to know about it before you breathe a word to anyone else. Get your partner’s take on when you should tell people that you are pregnant, and consent on a plan.

Close Relatives:  Next, initiate by sharing the news only with close family members or with friends who can keep a secret. They may be eager to spread the word, so be sure to say — in no undecided terms — that this news is confidential and that they cannot share anyone until you give the green signal.

Inform Your Boss Before Colleagues: Do progress with care while sharing with co-workers — Let your manager be the first person in your office to know about your pregnancy before sharing with your colleagues.  Letting your coworkers know the news first before your boss may create a problem. Not doing so could create unnecessary troubles, something you certainly do not want to face in this joyful occasion!

Informing Kids: While informing your children that you are pregnant is an amazing thing, but be sure that you time it well. Letting your children know that you are pregnant is the same as proclaiming it with a plane hauled banner all over town. The moment you tell your child, even if they are old enough to maintain a secret, they will start sharing the news with everyone they meet. So, think whether you are making a right move before telling your child. 

End Note: Best wishes for all mom-to-be on this thrilling transition! Enjoy yourself scheduling your pregnancy declaration and sharing this information with the people in your life.

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