When you See Your Baby For The First Time

Ever wondered if dreams come true . Being able to give life is the infinite level of contentment and a worthy life. A living being growing inside you makes you complete in all aspects of life.

Komal Gupta

Komal Gupta

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20 May 2019

God has been kind enough to give us the patience, courage and potential to be able to sustain and nurture a life inside us. Imagine one minute you are pregnant and the next minute you are a mother. Your child is the reward of all the pain and fear you go through. All the apprehensions and anxiety take a back seat the moment you see and hold your baby for the first time ever. You are amazed, overwhelmed, protective, concerned, worried, stressed, emotional, relieved, nervous and a lot more to mention. You feel varied emotions at the same time , holding your child in your arms. Depending on the situations, we all feel differently , although the feeling of completeness is same after holding our child for the first time ever. We go through pain, trauma, fear, etc. both during and after pregnancy. Thus, we surely are a mess of emotions whenever we see our child.


It is my first baby and I feel that my life has changed forever. I too, feel complete with this little life that I have in front of me. I am sure, just like me, all mothers worry about how their new born is doing. But believe me, if it is our first experience then we definitely are on cloud nine. I spent hours watching my baby, his perfect tiny features, hands, feet, and everything, all crafted so well that I could not get enough of looking at him. The next moment was of concern, just to check his breath every time.


Love at first sight was mere a phrase I had heard before my baby was born, but this phrase proved its worth with the birth of my baby, as I fell in love with him straight after his birth. It a short span of time for me to develop the attachment with him, and once it happened, there was no looking back.


I can never forget the moment my baby arrived in front of my eyes . At that particular moment , I felt as if time stood still. I could not take my eyes off my new born. I was unable to sense others presence in the room. I held my baby in my arms and it was all love that surrounded us, which I could very well feel.


I stared at him and tried to memorize every tiny detail of his body and features. It was love, happiness and joy and the next moment, tears came out. During the phase of pregnancy , I had always dreamt and wondered what my child would look like and it was the most unrealistic and dreamlike experience to actually see him and hold him. It indeed was a life changing moment as I felt the responsibility and love of being a mother.

“Although a frightening feeling, it is also one of the best feelings

in the world to see your baby for the first time.”

After the baby arrives, love explodes and cause tears, happy and thankful tears for sure. As we know that we can never actually and exactly describe the feeling and emotion to see our new born

baby for the first time. The experience of pregnancy and childbirth is often intense and painful, but we forget the pain the moment our child arrives.


Just like me , I believe every mother would agree that their child is the most beautiful creation of the almighty and that we are blessed with the most perfect and prettiest child ever. That very moment we realize how our mother loves us the way she does, exactly as much as we love our child. The first time our new born looks at us, we feel that our family is now complete forever better. Strangely, we cannot imagine a life without our new born in it. The tiny little bundle of joy in our arms is everything that we need to heal the pain. It is an amazing and overwhelming feeling that how one little child could have so much magic and how he/she leaves his/her parents spellbound. The sound of our baby crying for the first time is the sweetest thing we have ever heard . To us, our new born are the most beautiful creatures to ever exist.


There is absolutely no limit to what we experience. It is a pivotal time in a woman’s life, which is filled with a sea of emotions. As I said, the anticipation gets over when our new born arrives , but an entirely new nervousness and excitement for the future comes in. The birth of our child and the situation afterwards is entirely personal and we all feel it according to our perceptions and emotions. Needless to say, we all go through similar experiences, however, our reactions vary to extreme levels. It is not at all necessary that you all feel the way I felt. Some of us may take time to adjust to this new phase of love, joy and excitement, along with nervousness and fear.

About Komal Gupta


From a working woman to a full-time mother, I am loving and living every phase of this new life. Leaving job was my decision as I wanted to be with my child during the early stages of his life. I wanted to witness his every action, from first cry to first word. I am happily employed as a full-time mother, whose remunerations are my child's hugs, kisses and laugh. 


This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Komal Gupta as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood.

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