Breastfeeding is an emotional magic

Mother & Baby Magically
connected from Womb to Breast.

Turn it to be most enjoyable daily event and connecting moments.

The fourth Trimester

This is transition period after childbirth when infants are adjusting to the life outside the womb and mothers are adjusting to new parenthood.

Know how breastfeeding can help connecting infants and mothers for making the transition safe & enjoyable.

Emotional need in breastfeeding

A child who is breastfed has a better emotional quotient, is more matured and confident. Hugging & talking to a during breastfeeding makes the child more sociable and affectionate.

Happy Motherhood train mothers to maximize her emotions during breastfeeding for better results for her child.

Frequently faced breastfeeding challenges

Breast engorgement 

Latching difficulty

Blocked milk duct


Not enough breast milk 

Breastfeeding  thrush 

Too much breast milk 

Breast abscess

Most of the mothers are told about benefits of breastfeeding and challenges they might face.

They are left to brave the breastfeeding wilderness by themselves with the newborn.

They continue with unwavering resolve but over time start facing issues and quit.

Happy Motherhood train mothers to win the obstacles and continue breastfeeding with joy.

Smooth Breastfeeding journey

Every mother’s breastfeeding journey is unique. It doesn’t always go smoothly as we imagine it to. For some it’s easy, while for others it is a constant uphill battle.

Know how to win the commonly faced difficulties and transform your breastfeeding moment memorable.

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