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Welcome to Happy Motherhood Care Center. Start here to explore the wide range of options we offer to the mothers and parents right from time of planning for a baby, in time of magical days of pregnancy and while in wonderland of parenting & infant development.




















If you're looking for competency-based, research-driven professional support, you've come to the right place.

Explore, enroll, learn, respond to your exciting days of childbirth and child development. The programs of Happy Motherhood Care Center are designed with you in mind, offering the positivity and convenience that magically explode the most treasured motherhood from within your woman self. You will feel empowered to raise a happy family that you truly deserve.


We generally start with onsite and online consultation at a nominal cost (free for registered members) to assess your needs and recommend if you require our standard package or customize from our programs. We generally recommend our specially designed packages for comprehensive care rather than piecemeal approach for temporary comfort and leaving other complications to surface at a later date. Choice is yours.

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The Happy Motherhood Care Center offers both onsite and online options for mothers and parents. Our offerings include:

  • Onsite care

  • Online care

  • Workshop

  • Virtual Events

  • Resource library

  • E Books

  • Webzine

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Happy Motherhood use a competency-based approach for emotional transformation, fitness, and abilities. All of our programs are proven for requisite competences to blossom your motherhood and rearing a child with contemporary skills:

  • Review our competences, uniqueness and benefits

  • Talk to us to identify your maternal needs 

  • Decide about developmental goal of your infant & toddler

  • Chose option from standard program or customize with us 

  • You can also customize by yourself

  • Assess your cost with us

  • Track your learning success

  • Join our feedback program 

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