Child Birth Stories Are Inspirational

By Anitha Bharathi, Mother

Date: 15th April 2019


When a mother is asked to share her experience on child birth, she will have one common thing to say. The PAIN, and it can be technically called as the "Pressure". The pain, she experienced during the delivery would be described by her, as the best and the worst pain. In fact, the delivery process by itself is so magical and miraculous. From where on the earth, we women gain so much energy and power are still a mystery. A few minutes or hours before the baby was pushed, the mother would have screamed, yelled, mourned and cried out of pain and the moment she sees her baby on her lap, the magical transformation happens. On seeing the baby’s eyes and smile, the mother absolutely forgets about the unpleasant and distressing hours she had just encountered. She holds her head high with the pride of delivering a baby. She feels complete as a woman on becoming a mother.

Be it vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery, childbirth stories are really exciting, interesting and inspiring. To our surprise, no two child birth stories are the same. Millions and millions of women have delivered babies since the Adam and Eve times. Even a mother who has had two or more than two deliveries will not have the same birthing story. All the child birth stories are different and unique for its own reason. Childbirth stories we have heard in short include delivered within three hours, took 19 hours to deliver, breech delivery, membrane ruptured at home, cord around the neck, passed meconium in womb, delivered on the way to hospital, cesarean section despite my best efforts and so on. I must say "Nature at its best mathematical skills" Permutations and combinations of hormones, mother’s mindset, physical condition of mother and baby, hospital elements, partner’s support, time and many other factors make the child birth story a unique one!!


So, to make such unique story, shouldn’t the pregnant mothers be well prepared. Prior preparation is required for examination, interview, meeting, cooking, bridal make-up, traveling, sports, singing and what not. This is all petty when compared to delivering a baby. It is all about introducing a new soul and a life to this world. On that account, a pregnant mother should be well prepared physically, emotionally and above all mentally.


Labor for that matter, cannot be physically practiced or rehearsed unlike other activities. However, the pregnant mother can be mentally prepared by gaining knowledge by reading and understanding on what is actually happening in our body during delivery. The other best way to learn is to open the ears to hear real time birth stories of your known ones. But be sure to take up the positive hints and tips from the story.

Stories in general are more powerful and impactful. The instances and the experiences heard from the story tend to stay stronger and longer in one’s memory. The experiences gained from these stories will motivate, inspire, give strength to face the BIG DAY. On one hand, the pregnant mother gets to know as to what exactly has to be done regarding the pregnancy and delivery. On the other hand, it is equally good to know on what is not to be practised, ignored and neglected.

Tip as a mother to handle the labor day - Just follow the natural instinct your body experiences and respond to it with all the positive energy gained from the universe. You will have a magical story to share to this world.


About Anitha Bharathi

I, as a kid was a shy, soft spoken, timid, calm and innocent girl. Life is all about evolution. Certain stages of my life have shaped me up as a matured, strong, confident and independent lady. To be very particular, being a mother is still sculpting me into a better personality. This is the spark which has made a Chemical Engineer step into the medical field to engineer the minds of young moms and moms-to-be to design the superpower brains of new born and unborn.

This is personal experience and point of view of Mrs Anitha Bharathi as a mother. Happy Motherhood does not take responsibility for the contents and those not necessarily represent point of view of Happy Motherhood

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