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If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you undoubtedly have bigger challenges to overcome than you ever thought possible. There may be days where you feel all alone in your struggle. Maybe you’ve been so busy taking care of your child’s needs, in addition to the rest of your family, that you have not had the opportunity to seek encouragement from those who have trekked a similar road. Whether you’re raising a child with various physical, developmental or emotional challenges, we hope you’ll find comfort in this collection of stories from parents who are living the joys and trials of raising special-needs children.


Amid these stories from other parents, you’ll find tips and tools in the areas of schooling, public facilities, balancing the needs of your disabled child and the needs of your other children, coping when your circumstances have become too hard and encouragement in developing friendships.


Likely your days are filled with appointments, therapies and other responsibilities necessary for the care of your children. Perhaps you’re also working through circumstances that seek to overwhelm you. If you have any queris then don’t hesitate to contatc us.


And sometimes, all you need is to bounce ideas off another parent — maybe one who’s been down a similar path. Connecting with others who can relate to your journey can offer long- lasting friendship and fellowship. At Happy Motherhood we offer online suggestions, solutions and tips to the parents. Guiding parents with Special needs with personalised, tailormade, focused and user assistive modules. Online therapies and exercises are focused and need based for children with disabilities.


Awareness workshops, guiding parents to avail Government assistance, rights and concessions available in the field of Education are conducted by our counsellors.


Early intervention would help the millennium child to be independent & confident. Positive parenting is an art. Our organisation helps you to be one.Start your session as early as possible.

Specially Abled Child

Specially Abled Child

Guiding parents with on how to improve lives of their child with special needs in order to fully participate in socity.


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