Parenting First Year

Fun filled parental influence to develop observation, exploration and curiosity of babies in first year.

What is this program about ?

We provide a learning environment which is always interesting to explore, safe, fun filled, full of people and emotions which fulfil all intellectual requirements of baby's developing brain. This stage is very crucial phase in babies where parents also learn and undergo massive transformation.

Which topics are covered ?

Developmental stages & Milestones

Providing all safe environment

Interesting Multi sensorial games 

Developing routines in sleep, play & food.

Healthy solids and right way of introducing

Positive parenting tips

Nurturing them with right Foundation.

Additional Support

Activities based on topics covered in the session

What is benefit ?

Confidence level of both mother and baby increases
Unnecessary doubts and fears of parenting will be very very minimal
At the end of first year of the baby, all developmental milestones would be successfully achieved

When to start the sessions ?

Good from 3 months age of baby.

How to join the sessions?

In view of restriction of mobility after childbirth it is recommended to join this program online right from beginning. If possible, it will be good to consider some sessions at center depending upon whenever it is convenient.


You can enrol for center by choosing your desired branch


If you cannot find any nearby convenient center you can enrol for Skype classes

We prefer online payment through our website. After successful enrolment, you will be provided with an unique Registration ID


12 Days


1 Hour / Day






₹ 6,000.00

₹ 1,080.00

₹ 7,080.00





₹ 5,500.00

₹ 990.00

₹ 6,490.00

Disclaimer **

Happy Motherhood sessions do not in any form or manner replace medical interventions. Happy Motherhood will not be responsible what may happen if their programs & sessions are used by any participant in place of official advice from a medical professional.

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