Pregnancy Elite

About pregnancy challenges and how to get ready for labor & childbirth with extra support.

What is this program about ?

Prepare to-be-mothers to face new challenges of health, emotion, mood, uncertainties and be ready for happy childbirth by focusing on baby in womb & upcoming labor.

Which topics are covered ?

Amazing Baby Brain development

Magical Diet

Visualization Techniques

Preparing for amazing birth

Breathing and Pain Coping Techniques

Better Breastfeeding

Super Power Brain Making sessions

Father's Bonding


Additional Support

Sessions are designed for couples. Your partner will learn about childbirth and how to support on big day. Attending childbirth sessions together will create a special bond

Continued guidance until childbirth 

Homework activities from very beginning until delivery 

What is benefit ?

Tension free pregnancy
Active pregnancy days
Can avoid complications like sleeplessness, constipation, back pain etc
Prior readiness for breastfeeding
Facing labor confidently
Last 100 days of pregnancy is very crucial and the mothers are engaged with a lot of positive activities

When to start the sessions ?

Good from 12th week of pregnancy.

How to join the sessions?


You can enrol for center by choosing your desired branch


If you cannot find any nearby convenient center you can enrol for Skype classes

We prefer online payment through our website. After successful enrolment, you will be provided with an unique Registration ID


6 Days


3 Hours / Day






₹ 6,000.00

₹ 1,080.00

₹ 7,080.00





₹ 5,500.00

₹ 990.00

₹ 6,490.00

Disclaimer **

Happy Motherhood sessions do not in any form or manner replace medical interventions. Happy Motherhood will not be responsible what may happen if their programs & sessions are used by any participant in place of official advice from a medical professional.

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