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Here's everything you need to know once you've brought your little one home, how to care for newborn babies to how they'll develop over the next few months.

"Your baby is finally here! After nine months of waiting, wondering and anticipating, that sweet-smelling bundle of cuteness is in your arms."


When can I resume my physical activity post-delivery ?

It is ideally recommended for the new mothers to rest her body for four weeks, even if it is vaginal delivery. Mothers who have  undergone caesarean delivery may need extra weeks to resume her body back. Try to engage in small movements, walking and so on in a gradual manner after which the physical activities can be resumed with full swing. A postnatal trainer, on knowing your body conditions, can help in giving you the tailored and specific instructions on do’s and don’ts of exercising post-delivery.




How do I know that I produce enough milk for the baby?

Unfortunately, there are no measuring levels on the breast milk, for it will make the new mothers guilty. There are a few cues that the baby gives to show that he/she is full. Also, as a mother you will become a pro to sense that you are producing sufficient milk. The postnatal classes can help you understand better on what the cues are.


What is the ideal sleep time for the newborn?

Do you know that sleep is an important factor for baby’s brain development? A healthy newborn, when given the right amount of food, comfort, environment and warmth, it sleeps for 16-18 hrs a day. When it is not the case, the baby is disturbed with some factors and need to be addressed at the earliest.


What is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression is typically a mood disorder that can possibly affect a woman after giving birth. It is a kind of emotional and behavioural issues, where they show extremities in expressing anger, sadness and anxiety. Though there are many reasons, hormonal change is one such reason for this disorder. With suitable attention, care and love from the family, and medication, one can easily survive this.


How can I avail postnatal counselling service?

We conduct variety of post pregnancy counselling and postnatal sessions which provide enough awareness on lochia, perenium care, contraception, baby calming solutions, breastfeeding techniques, tips for good secretion of breastmilk, breastfeeding diet, challenges in lactation, nipple care, bottle feeding, breast pump, newborn care, baby sleep routines, and stimulation techniques and benefits. Also, the sessions help you to mentally prepare on what to expect from the newborn.

You can take up the postnatal class, 7-10 days after you have delivered your baby.

We conduct the counselling sessions at our centres. In case you
find it difficult to travel to any of our centres with the newborn, you
can still join us for online sessions via Skype

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How can I join a group to meet other women in similar
situation and stay connected?

And sometimes, all you need is to bounce ideas off another Mother, maybe one who’s been down a similar path. Connecting with others who can relate to your journey can offer long-lasting friendship and fellowship. Join our Facebook group Happy Moms to stay connected with others.


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